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We looked at the St. All clothing and jewelry was custom designed by Zahida Khalid. The bride and her husband-to-be led the party hand in hand and danced the night away! Asian bride magazine [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

So, in October ofshe uploaded her first video and started a new chapter. What started out as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion. She chat rooms frequent videos that show simple steps on achieving many different looks.

She especially loves doing South Asian inspired makeup tutorials. She believes you can create just as beautiful looks using drugstore makeup as high-end makeup. While her makeup skills have definitely improved over the months, she is still learning and still makes mistakes. After getting so much positive feedback from her makeup videos, she decided to share more of herself with her followers.

The 15 second comedy sketches are an outlet for her to vent on things we can all relate to. From desi soap operas, to random happenings in everyday life she finds humor in everything. But her true happiness comes from all the comments and support she gets from her followers. She wanted to find something fun to do and along the way, unexpectedly, gained a small asian bride magazine of her own. And along the way she hopes to inspire and, simply, make people smile. Youtube: www.

My name is Uma Preve. As a third generation Singaporean I grew up in the beautiful, clean and green city of Singapore. Since young I have always had a passion for everything related to beauty and fashion.

I remember making clothes for my Barbie doll and dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. At the age of 18 I joined the Singapore Armed Forces and became a full time military woman for the next ten years. Even though I was constantly surrounded by men in the service and mostly performed not so feminine duties, I let my hair down during the weekends by dressing up and indulging in girly things.

Since I was still in the military at the time I had to attend evening classes. After getting my diploma I started doing freelance makeup for bridal and other special occasions. This opened up a whole new world for me. A world which allowed me to play with colours and ideas inspired by the many things around me. It also let me meet people from all walks of life. In I married the most amazing man who encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

I recall watching makeup and fashion tutorials for hours after getting back from work. During this time I found that there were not that many brown skinned women making videos and sharing their knowledge. I told my husband about this and he suggested that I should start sharing my know-how since I was a MUA and had experience working with many different clients.

He borrowed me his Canon Powershot camera and this is how my journey with Youtube started. In the first video I posted I was very shy and did not dare to say anything.

It was so amazing to experience their excitement with them and we danced the night away to our favorite songs. About an hour and a half before the night ended, a dessert flame show was presented on the dance floor to announce the opening of the dessert room. As the guests exited the venue, they were also greeted with a late nightcap of homemade fresh donuts and Starbucks coffee. Looking back on our wedding day, it was everything Sam and I could have imagined and more.

I asian bride magazine remember the feeling while making my thank-you speech and wanting to freeze time; having all of our loved ones in one room for that one moment meant the world to both of us. Our wedding day was perfect, but the marriage that we have created and will continue to create is something that is invaluable. We are so lucky and grateful to have had everything go according to plan. Nimit had just moved from Philadelphia for work and I moved from New York for law school.

Our first real encounter was at a bar on Polk Street for my 25th birthday. I learned he was from New York and proceeded to have a heated discussion about which late night eatery was best in New York Kati Roll or Masala Times. I was a huge proponent for Asian bride magazine Times and he was rooting for Kati Roll, asian bride magazine.

He intrigued me because he reminded me of New York, because I was nostalgic about the city. African american dating online had a certain charm to him life begins 40 room I couldn't resist including the way he would wink at me.

The Proposal was Memorial Day weekend. The girls got up early to head out from San Francisco on their 3-hour drive to Big Sur. The weather was not the warmest that weekend, but Pritee and Ushma convinced Nirali it was a good idea to get dressed up so they could stop along the way to take pictures along the coast.

When they arrived to Post Ranch Inn, they decided to have lunch first on the property before heading to the spa. The waiter gave the girls three menus. However, Nirali noticed there was something particularly odd about the names of the dishes on the menu.


It wasn't too long after that she realized Nimit had chronicled their relationship into dishes on the menu. The surprise didn't end there, Nirali's closest friends and family were waiting back in San Francisco at an amazing Engagement Party thrown by Nimit.

We planned for a little over a year and it was done from San Francisco. Our goal was to pick a ocean side venue. We looked at the St. Nirali handled the big picture items by choosing the vendors and working with them on decor and aesthetics whereas Nimit dealt with logistics and negotiations. It was a picture perfect southern california day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.

The weather was warm. Everybody was pumped for the baraat and to see Tai the elephant in action. Our wedding party was 26 people large with 13 bridesmaids and 13 groomsmen. The decor took people's breathe away. The mandap was filled with white flowers topped with a venetian shapes asian bride magazine green dome. During cocktail hour we had Penn Masala singing with the sunset in the background, asian bride magazine. The decor at the reception included hanging white and green floral.

As soon as you entered you can see the grandness of the ballroom and the clean crisp look. There asian bride magazine an array of food with a beautifully assorted desert bar. Penn Masala sang our first dance, Sanjana by A. He initiated a west coast vs. Aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandfathers were on the dance floor dancing with the bride and groom. The groom crowd surfed through the masses of family and friends on the dance floor. The party didn't end until 2am. We felt blessed to have people from all parts of the world come out to celebrate us.

It was a fairy tale wedding for us as we saw our vision come true in real life. These periods were characterized by changes and innovations in various fields, such as the Asian bride magazine Revolution. We put great emphasis on games of volume in one garment, creating a chimeric silhouettes and endless trains. The color palette is of soft porcelain ivory, dusted silver, washed pinks, smoky blush and cream that completes the touch of this collection. To add our touch of romance and admiration to the feminine body we used delicate textured laces, deep colored backgrounds and paid careful attention to details such as detachable elements and a lot of crystalsalongside varied Victorian motifs english chat rooms high collars.

A bridal gown should be treated and fitted with love and care, as carried on a bride in her wedding day, and so we bring you our perception of it.

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Our Victorian affinity. Our story began when we met as twenty-one year old juniors at the University of Miami. My roommate, who had been friends with Brian since freshman year, introduced the two of us, when we ran into Brian and his friends at a popular spot across campus. After seeing each other around campus and spending time with one another's mutual friends, Brian asked me to dinner and the rest is history.

After meeting my family and extended family, and gaining the approval of my parents and grandparents, Brian proposed to me in October At this point in our lives I lived in Florida and Brian lived in Texas. Over the years we created and shared a memory box filled with sentimental items that evoked a sense of nostalgia.

After cooking me my favorite asian bride magazine, Brian suggested we revisit the box and look through the asian bride magazine we had collected over the years. Being a lover of all things old and nostalgic, I happily obliged a trip down memory lane. After looking at ticket stubs to events, pictures, handwritten notes, dried flower petals from bouquets past and many other things, I came across what looked like ball of rumpled newspaper.

I opened it to find a classic Tiffany ring box with a handwritten proposal letter. I happily said yes while wiping away happy tears, asian bride magazine. Eight years after we met, in Augustwe got married and in between we experienced the highs, lows, tragedies, triumphs and joys of life. Our wedding weekend kicked off with a sangeet at Jacksonville Golf and Country Club, where I wore an Anushree Reddy lengha and we were serenaded with dances by our mom, aunts, cousins and friends.

Indulging in delicious Indian street food and dancing under the stars with our friends and family is something we will never forget. Later that evening, forgoing a traditional garba and raas, we opted for a welcome reception, with an around the world tapas theme, to welcome guests to Amelia Island. I wore a unique sari-pant style by Tarun Tahiliani, accented with a diamond headpiece, as I took it all in the night before the wedding.

The day of the wedding I made my grand bridal entrance in a traditional palki, held up by my mamas and uncles. Once the antarpat came down my nerves turned into sheer bliss and joy as I saw the love of my life smiling at me.

After the ceremony and cocktail hour we enjoyed a sophisticated and elegantly styled black tie reception with plenty of fresh flowers. After changing into a YSA Makino couture beaded white wedding gown we made our entrance as husband and wife and after asian bride magazine the cake, moving speeches, and dances by family and friends, we danced the night away.

We enjoyed dinner, live dessert stations, and a photo booth, complete with a sparkler exit and an after party into the morning hours. Our belated honeymoon was spent traveling through Rajasthan, India, where we indulged in our asian bride magazine older women looking to fuck Mughal history and reveled in the eternal love stories of centuries past.

While in Udaipur, we partook in a one year anniversary royal themed photo shoot, around City Palace and Lake Pichola. Together, with our rescue dog, Amelia, we currently reside in Houston, Texas.

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They both were born and raised in Charlotte, NC. The two had countless mutual friends, and even attended a number of social events, but somehow never met. Their first introduction was when Monica was accepted to Tufts Dental School, where Sameer was currently starting his second year, and were connected via a mutual friend who asked if Sameer could help Monica with her apartment search and introduce her to the city of Boston, asian bride magazine. The two became fast friends.

Sameer finally worked up the courage to ask Monica on a date within a few weeks of first meeting. Monica was skeptical because he chose a Mongolian hot asian bride magazine restaurant for dinner—which was way out of her comfort zone at the time—but it ended up becoming their favorite go to restaurant that they frequented often throughout dental school.

Monica and Sameer asian bride magazine always tell everyone that they wouldn't have made it through dental school without the other, the constant support and encouragement really did play a huge part in strengthening their relationship through the years. It was definitely put to the test when Sameer moved to Arizona for a residency program after graduation while Monica stayed in Boston to finish her final year of school.

But, plenty of red eye flights and FaceTime dates later, they came out of that year apart closer and more in love than ever.

Sameer proposed while both Monica and him were home for the holidays inand, although he was super nervous before the proposal and gave away the surprise, Monica still said yes!

When the wedding planning began, Monica and Sameer both knew they wanted an outdoor venue that was close to home and that would give them the freedom to add personal touches that all their family and friends would enjoy, asian bride magazine.

They chose the Pavilion at the Dale Earnhardt Estate and, after months of planning—most of which Monica took the lead on—they were married on October 15, in a stunning setting surrounded by all their loved ones. When I first met him I thought he was the asian bride magazine human being I had ever encountered.

As our friendship grew, I started to embrace his uniqueness, and my feelings for him blossomed. When he proposed to me, it was one of the happiest days of my life! But soon after the proposal the rush of planning our wedding day began. Despite Jordan being of European ethnicity, we decided asian bride magazine having a traditional Sikh wedding.

And so, began the process of planning a multiday wedding, a concept completely foreign to Jordan. From trips to India to endless meetings with vendors, Jordan was there by my side each step of the way. During one of our vendor meetings, by fluke we decided to go through a photo album while we waited. We absolutely fell in love with the photographs and quickly got connected with our future wedding photographers, and from there all the other pieces started to fall into place.

In fact, by our wedding day we had all become friends. Each one of vendors played an intricate role in making our vision become reality.

Finally, the week our wedding had arrived, which was both very exciting but also stressful. I remember arriving to our sangeet hall wearing the top for my sangeet outfit and bottoms from a morning event, because yes, I was changing in the car.

My hair and make-up artist looked at me and just started laughing, as I ran in carrying my giant bag of necessities. Once the sangeet began the adrenaline rushed in and everyone sang and danced their hearts out. I even discovered that Jordan had some great Bhangra moves! The day of the wedding started a bit hectic as it does for any bride and groom, and being an Indian wedding it started super early, 3am!

One of my most memorable moments of our wedding day was when I arrived at the ceremony site, I felt something divine, it was a surreal moment. I have never felt such a calm overcome me ever in my life.

The outdoor air in combination with the birds chirping while prayers were being sung, and sitting next to my soulmate is a feeling I will never forget. You could feel the love in the air, the love Jordan and I have for each other and our family and friends had for both of us. I can still see that moment when I close my eyes. On the other hand, the most stressful asian bride magazine of the day came when rain was forecasted during our outdoor ceremony.

But to add to the magic, not a single drop fell from the sky during the ceremony, it literally started trickling during my dholi, the timing could not have been any more perfect.

People always say it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day! We had a marathon wedding, where the reception was the same day, so after the dholi came the rush of getting to the reception venue to get ready. I remember walking in to our reception hall and both of our jaws just dropped, everything looked breathtaking. While I sat there getting ready, I started to think that all the hard work Jordan and I had done for months, all the meetings, asian bride magazine calls, emails, were totally worth it!

Our reception was exactly the party we wanted to throw for our family and friends to celebrate the joining of our asian bride magazine. And in true Bollywood fashion, no Indian wedding is complete without a performance. Jordan and his groomsmen surprised everyone with a Bollywood dance, which was the highlight of the night! Our wedding truly represented who we are as a couple and showed the love we have for speed dating delray beach fl other.

Both of us could not have asked for any more of a magical day! Seena and I first met in November of at a work conference in Chicago. He and I had friends in common that introduced us at a dinner event. We chatted for a bit that evening, but the vibe seemed friendly rather than romantic. We exchanged phone numbers that evening, but since we lived in different cities he lived in Atlanta, I asian bride magazine in NYCwe communicated only sporadically over text.

A year later, Seena happened to be in NYC for a job interview, and he contacted me about meeting for a drink. We had a great time, and even met up again the following evening. But dating apps divorced long distance was still an issue, and so Seena and I remained only friends, and unfortunately lost contact for nearly a year when I changed my phone number.

He eventually tracked me down, asian bride magazine, and told me had been thinking about me that whole time So we started talking regularly on the phone, sometimes for hours every night, and began visiting each other. Less than a year later, we got engaged on Thanksgiving in his hometown, with friends and family there to celebrate with us. A few months later, Seena changed jobs and moved to NYC to be with me.

Seena and I bonded over our parents' immigrant backgrounds -- his family is Asian bride magazine, mine is Indian Punjabi. We loved our cultures' history, traditions, food, and music, and we wanted our wedding to showcase these. But we also wanted our how to single men to be romantic and intimate, and with a little bit of a vintage vibe that reflected our personal style. We chose the historic venue Monteverde at Oldstone for its beautiful old mansion dating back towith the original antique furnishings asian bride magazine for its Hudson waterfront location.

We had two ceremonies to acknowledge both of our families' cultures, but we wrote the scripts entirely ourselves and asked our close asian bride magazine to officiate. Our ceremonies were both outdoors, as I've always loved nature and specifically the upstate NY landscape. The mandap was a customized flower-and-vine creation that was inspired by old English wisteria gardens -- it looked amazing with the Hudson River backdrop.

The Persian ceremony was held in an old stone arbor with hanging grape vines, and we had a beautiful sofreh table a tradition at Persian weddings, decorated with flowers, candles, and sweets designed to match the mandap. We stuck with the "old English" vintage look for our reception decor, specifically with the floral arrangements and customized antique-style paper design. We opted not to do reception stage seating, but instead sat at a long rustic farm table so that we could eat with our families.

Finally, we exited our reception on a golf cart, then hopped on a historic Hudson trolley to attend our afterparty at the local pub. Our dads were close friends asian bride magazine free dating profile email always planned trips together. We then met again at the age of ten on a cruise ship. After that we never saw each other or spoke for a long time. Ten years later we reconnected at a wedding and from that moment we both had an eye on each other.

After the wedding, a group of our friends decided to go to Vegas. We really bonded and enjoyed each others company. We felt really connected. After the trip, Kanhai went all the way back to Belgium-where he resides--and I went back to college in La. We spoke constantly over the next month and Kanhai decided to come up to LA to see me. We spent a week together and got to know each other so much, we grew even closer! We really fell in love with each other after that trip and decided to start officially dating.

We knew we wanted to get married over looking the water and Bacara Resort was the perfect space for our destination wedding.

They came up with an incredible design, beyond our imaginations. They did a complete transformation of the ballroom for our reception and we couldn't have been happier. With the help of my cousin, some friends, and a few hours of chatting we got her to join our table. After mixing for 7 hours I suavely played 4 slow songs in a row to end the night, the last of which resulted in our first dance together. While I had worked there sinceI grew up in Southern California.

After dating for three years a asian bride magazine change was coming - I was on the verge of accepting a job offer that would take me back to L. We strive to live up to your expectations each and every time. Kherani, Publisher Editor in Chief Credit: nadia d. Regis, Atlanta. No material herein or portions thereof may be reprinted without the consent of the publisher. The publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or illustrations.

Advertising copy and artwork are the sole responsibility of individual advertisers. New look, same exquisite taste. Green-eyed Olyea hails from Moscow, Russia, but moved to the United States when she was 19 years old.

Samir and Olyea first met at a jewelry show in Las Vegas, and then dated long-distance for one year, as she was living in another state. Olyea eventually moved to Asian bride magazine Angeles, and two years later, Samir surprised her by pro. When Olyea started planning her wedding, she knew she wanted a venue that had an ocean view. The Huntington Beach Hyatt proved to be the perfect location for their morning ceremony and evening reception.

When choosing the look for her wedding, Olyea knew that she wanted something very warm, bright and happy. She thus chose a palette of reds and golds with ivory draped fabrics, which popped beautifully against the mid-day blue sky. Tai always ensures an incredible entrance, and Samir seemed on top dating simulator free play the world as he rode her down the streets adjacent to the Hyatt.

Meanwhile, Samir had 14 groomsmen, bringing the asian bride magazine number of bridal party members to She had the final lengha custom-made in India through Dream Collections based in Artesia, California.

Olyea also had her red wedding lengha made through the same company. For the reception decor, Olyea wanted to create a fairytale environment so that when the doors opened, her guests would be transported to another place.

Lighted trees helped provide a sparkling fairyland feel against the backdrop of lavender and blue lighting washes provided by Amber Event Production. Samir also started crying, as they both were overcome. He had moved to NYC for work from London. While the sparks immediately flew, as luck would have it, he was sent back to London within a short while of us meeting.

Completely coincidentally, a few months later, we both ended up relocating temporarily. Even through all our travels, asian bride magazine, those same initial sparks kept bringing us back to each other. After asian bride magazine the majority of and chasing each other around the world, we finally got engaged in Mumbai in May Our favorite part of the wedding was our very intimate reception. Planning a wedding over Thanksgiving weekend is no easy feat and we were blessed to have friends and family join us from across the world.

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As we danced across year old woman looks 20 ballroom for the first time as man and wife, we only had eyes for each other. It was as if we were the only two people in the ballroom. Wedding Planner: Reve. We strive to live up to your expectations each and every time. Kherani, Publisher Editor in Chief Credit: nadia d.

Regis, Atlanta. No material herein or portions thereof may be reprinted without the consent of the publisher. The publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or illustrations. Advertising copy and artwork are the sole responsibility of individual advertisers. An Elegant Affair Opulent textiles, subtle pastel colors sprinkled with a warm glow of the tropical sun converge to complete a great Indian wedding picture. For 10 long years, this couple stayed together as they pursued their respective educations and life goals, asian bride magazine, with their parents supporting their aspirations every asian bride magazine of the way.

They even stayed together during educational pursuits that had them living in different countries, because they just knew that they were the perfect match for one another. But at last, after 10 long years, it seemed that the time was right. Since they had waited 10 years for their dream wedding, this couple wanted to make sure to incorporate both personalities into an epic celebration.

Choosing the location was easy. Neena and Azim both love the. The first portion included regular wedding vows that the couple wrote for each other, along asian bride magazine a sand ceremony. The second portion was a traditional Nikkah that was not allowed to be filmed or photographed.

We were just looking at each other and laughing because it was so beautiful, and exactly how we hoped it would be. Our favorite thing to do is go to the beach. Terranea was the first venue we looked at, and we fell in love with it right away. After securing their venue, the couple knew they had to hire a great coordination team. Neena met with numerous coordinators, but ultimately settled on Pink Rock Events.

They executed beautifully, and we really felt an initial connection. They were just very much like your friends. She starts sketching things down on paper the minute you express an idea. She also came up with really unique things while sticking to our initial vision. Their bond, chemistry and love for each other can't be missed by anyone. Their beautiful wedding photography travels us through their gorgeous wedding weekend with decor designed by Weddings InStyle.

Stuti's love for exotic botanical's inspired the lush decor throughout the entire weekend. The photography by the talented Nadia D Photo from this couples wedding will leave you breathless. The Functions The weekend festivities started with a Mehndi night—a small event with close family and friends.

It was an evening filled with asian bride magazine, music, dance, laughter and endless food! Ornate stage decor with custom embroidered backdrops and large Radha Krishna rangoli to set the centerpiece for the never find love. The bride and her husband-to-be led the party hand in hand and danced the night away! Their breathtaking ceremony was an all draped contemporary mandap adorned with hundreds exotic botanicals specially flown in from various parts of the world.


The romantic ceremony setting was complete with a custom textured backdrop that set the ambiance. During the ceremony, priest southasianbridemagazine. Before you know, Stuti was on both of her knees while placing the ring on his finger. She said to him: "We are equals. The reception decor was very clean and elegant in hues of maroon and silver. The stage featured a large tufted silver backdrop with touches of crystals asian bride magazine lush florals. The reception took place beneath the stars with all the necessary amenities including an open bar, LED dance floor, full Indian buffet and music provided by the one and only DJ J-Statik.

The resort asian bride magazine boasts about its top class Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course which did never been married dating disappoint. All in all, the wedding was a great success, combining the culture and tradition of a typical Sikh wedding but adding a more relaxed and fun environment so that each guest could enjoy the wedding in their own way.

In spite of living seven seas apart our love for each other grew stronger and we got engaged. While thinking of where we would have our wedding we decided to tie a knot in Delhi India, where both of our families still live. We thought it would mean more to us to get married in the place where we both grew up and our families were thrilled when they found out we would be coming back to India to get married.

The day before our wedding we were able to take photos in Lodi Gardens, the same place where Aditya use to play in when he was a young boy. The large structures in the gardens and the twilight skies were magical and allowed us to catch our breath the day before getting married while setting a beautiful tone for our wedding day. Our wedding day was a full day of events starting with both of our haldi's in the morning and the cocktail party in the afternoon at the Leela Palace Hotel.

One of our favorite decor items were the large elephants covered in white, yellow and pink flowers. The two floral elephants that were constructed measured over 6 feet tall. Flowers also covered the staircase and over the archways of the seating asian bride magazine.

Next to the bar area we had a lotus flower that was constructed and covered in white flowers, but the floral elephants were the hit of the party. Aditya's bharat took place on the streets of Delhi close asian bride magazine 11pm at night. Aditya was accompanied by a marching band with trombone players, drum players and a group of men carrying lights on their heads to light the path of the bharat.

The bharat stopped first at the temple Aman and his family would frequent then they made their way to the Taj Palace Hotel for the wedding. Our actual wedding ceremony took asian bride magazine at 1am in the morning. We recited our vows to one another under the stars of Delhi's sky and had all of our wedding moments beautifully captured by Braja Mandala. She has had the opportunity to work with several Bollywood celebrities, pageants and broadway shows.

She is passionate and creative about makeup techniques, styles with a special focus on enhancing the eyes. Since flowers are typically such an integral par t of wedding designs, Suhaag Garden began experimenting with them and exploring new ways to enhance the overall impact.

Asian bride magazine [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)