Why men love older women

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Men who like older women find this an endearing quality when dating someone older. When you first get acquainted is the time to let her know how you feel about certain matters-not after the relationship has gone on for a while. Pat offered me space, devotion and herself, which I couldn't find in anyone else. Why men love older women [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I now have a better job and feel better about myself than ever before. Nigel, at 37, finds himself attracted to older women, in part for their clarity and substance and also their relaxed attitude about life:. I like the stimulation of a sharp intellect. I enjoy sitting down to dinner with someone who has a level of conversation I can appreciate and enjoy.

15 Essential Characteristics Of Men Who Like Older Women

I think younger women are sometimes too focused on starting families and that is rarely an issue with older women. I've always had relationships with older women. They know themselves. They have so much more to offer and they are looking for different things.

They are not just looking for guys who will be good fathers and providers. Older women can be more playful. They are more relaxed. It's really a personality thing for me regarding what is attractive. I enjoy a confident attitude and older women definitely have blue chat room upper hand in that area.

She knows what she wants in life and it makes being with her so much easier. I look at a lot of my friends who have girlfriends their age and younger and the problems they have strike me as ridiculous. They frequently act foolish and immature.

I don't have time for that behavior—that's why I like mature women. It's like a rush. Some young men saw themselves reflected back in an older woman and realized the woman's own specialness:. Why men love older women offered me the opportunity to see another perspective on a lot of different issues. I mean, older women why men love older women differently on certain issues and they've got more experience. I grew up a lot with her. Yeah, definitely, she helped me to grow up.


She made me realize how important I could be in making someone else happy. Not that I was doing it for her, but just being with her. Fred, age 28, told us what qualities attracted him to older women: "The experiences in life that they've had make them more grounded and realistic.

When asked what a mature woman offered him that he couldn't find in a younger woman, Fred answered: "Emotional stability. Need I say more? There have been nothing but positives in my relationships with two older women.

They were able to see things in me that I could not see in myself. Also, there were levels of honesty unlike anything I've experienced even with best friends. Fred gave us a wealth why men love older women information over several interviews. Which is pretty perfect.

Why Younger Men Love Older Women — Susan Winter

John, 35, from Milton Keynes, is hearing this too. Jennifer Coolidge has a lot to answer for to the people of my generation. There may be something predatory about it as well, John suggests. This is more of lust thing though and not someone in search of a relationship. The difference between an attractive women in her early 30s and one in her early 50s is not as big as the latter would tell herself it is. And this [their attractiveness] often comes with an attitude that why men love older women very attractive too.

There is something very cool about someone who gives less of a fuck than someone in their early 30s, who may be wrapped in insecurity.


You can be the guy who shakes up her new routine, and reminds her just how fun those other environments can be. For more tips and advice on dating women be it older, younger, or women your age click here.

Men confess: 22 reasons why younger guys fall for older women

Brian M - author of posts on The Art of Charm. Once he realized attraction was something why men love older women could learn, Brian spent way too much of his free time studying and practicing everything he could find on the subject. Excited by the progress he's made in his own life since the program, he decided to start writing for AoC to help other guys do the same. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Likewise, the cliche is that young women date older men because they are richer, whereas nearer the truth is that they seem to know a lot of useful stuff.

When I was 21, I went out with a year-old Australian. He seemed impossibly mature; he wore aftershave and drank only Wolf Blass. Still, if I smell Aramis, I believe its wearer on a huge range of things, especially directions.


Are you going to let her have her own opinion even if you don't happen to agree with it? She will appreciate your honesty and forthrightness!

Men prefer younger women not for their firmer bodies – but their greater admiration

No one-especially an older woman likes to think that a younger man is pandering to her ego by agreeing with anything she says. She why men love older women be able to see right through you and you will find yourself curbside in no time.

Men who like older women will learn this quick enough. Whatever the two of you do together should always remain between the two of you! Do not tell your friends what goes on behind closed doors, no matter how tempted you might be! Trust me—she will find out, and when she does it will be goodbye to you in no time flat! Men who like older women should know that they are well past the stage of gossip when it comes to their private lives. Yes, she may share secrets with her friends, but she won't appreciate you talking about her like some silly schoolboy.

Keep your sex life under wraps and tell no one! When men who like older women tell all the relationship will be short-lived. Hopefully, you are the kind of younger man who is mature enough to admit when he is wrong.

Men Confess Why They Find Older Women So Attractive

If you screw up-admit it! Apologize as soon as you realize you have and offer an honest explanation as to why you did or said whatever it was. Younger men who like older women should realize she is mature enough to give them a chance to explain and apologize before giving you the boot.

A younger girl would probably wail and cry and stomp away, but an older woman is beyond such childish behavior. This may be one of the reasons men who like older women prefer to date older than themselves.

Why men love older women [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)