Sending a follow up email after meeting someone

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I really enjoyed speaking to you at [event name]. Timing is of the essence when writing a follow-up letter to a contact you met at a networking event. Which is why you need to nurture them. Fridah October 20, at am. Sending a follow up email after meeting someone [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

6 Tips (And 6 Templates) For The Post-Meeting Follow Up E-mail

Have an absolutely splendid day. How are you doing? I wanted to reach out and connect you to someone you might be interested in meeting. This is [recommendation name], they [tell them about what your contact does].

I really enjoyed meeting you last week at [event]. I enjoyed our conversation about [topics discussed here]. If you have the time, an introduction to [name] would be very helpful, and s he might even be interested in hearing more about it.

Would you be able to take a moment to introduce us? Subject line: Keep it up, everyone! Wanted to take a moment to recognize a few key accomplishments:.


As you can see, one of the most important components of each of these templates is the personal connection. Post Comment. Blog Archive Media Kit Sign-up. Download the app Get Toggl. A takeaway from your conversation: what did you talk about? What did you learn? How are you relevant to them? Your request: If you want to meet in person, suggest a venue or activity coffee is the standard and a few dates. Right this way. I hope this note finds you well.

Would you please check to see if the accounts payable department has received it?

How to Follow Up After a Networking Event

Otherwise, I look forward to receiving payment within a week. Want more templates for collecting late payments? Here are 10 more from Junetoo. They prefer bullet-form facts. Below is an example of a first email that I sent to FastCompany followed by my follow-up :.

My shorter, bulleted follow up email won the reply and a placement in Fast Company. Ready to copy and paste this as a template to customize in seconds? Get it right here. Which is why you need to nurture them. Copy this example as a template with placeholders for your custom info.

Below is a follow up email sample to send after no response.


Use it as a starting point or copy and paste the text directly here. Grab this template to use on your own. Check out this article to supercharge the ROI of your meetings and, as a result, your relationships. Follow-up emails might be a great idea in theory, but theory only takes you so far. Check out these two quick-and-easy tactics to break the endless meeting cycle and make time for what matters most.

One of the most common commitments made in meetings is an introduction. The problem is, most people vastly underestimate the introduction process. To truly make it a relevant and valuable experience for both partiesit takes more than a simple intro email. Check out this article for a full walk through of the introduction process.

Great content that is really very useful. Fortunately, it sounds pretty realistic. This will likely cause the other person to perceive you as caring, thoughtful, and attentive. People are attracted to positivity. By highlighting a positive element of the meeting, those you met with are likely to have a better opinion of you and think of the meeting as a success.

Ask to meet up. Suggest a time to meet up for coffee if you live in the same speed dating delray beach fl. You might phrase it as a chance to continue a particular conversation you were having at the event. Perhaps we could meet next week and discuss further over coffee?

Connect with the contact on LinkedIn to further strengthen your professional relationship. Sending a follow up email after meeting someone you get to know the person better, you might ask him or her to write you a recommendation on LinkedIn.

Focus on your connection, rather than asking for anything too specific. Edit, edit, edit. Whether you send your follow-up note as a letter or an email, be sure to thoroughly edit the message before sending it. Remember that this is a professional message.

Sending a follow up email after meeting someone [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)