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Four of them, in fact. Cirque du Soleil's crowd-pleasing minute shows are a must; Beatles fans should not miss, Lovetheir epic homage to the British band at the Mirage. Plus, it will save the oodles of time it would take to drive the long, dull stretch it's at least four hours from Vegas and you'll be directly deposited into the middle of the canyon, provided with sterling views of the US' greatest natural attraction and the Colorado River below.

One of Nevada's prettiest natural attractions is a mere hour from The Strip. Make sure you visit the information things to do in las vegas single guy and its resident white desert tortoises, rarely seen in the wild. There is no greater way to chill out after a hard day's exploring than returning to a quietly luxurious hotel room solo, and new kid on The Strip, Delano, hits the right spot.

Happily, that means not having to walk through a maze of slot machines in a smoky old casino in order to access your room. In its place, a rebranded The Hotel has a chic lobby with natural art installations.

There are two widescreen televisions, an adjoining marble bathroom with spa-style bath, as well as a living room and powder room. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide fantastic views of Vegas whether brandon wade dating website Strip-side or not.

Simply bliss.


There is an inhouse spa and gym, and you can also get semi-decent coffee from the Coffee and Tea downstairs in the lobby. Chances are, you might get lucky. Home Destinations. Search Site. Previous slide Next slide. Smart and sophisticated inner Sydney digs Contains:. Awe-inspiring architecture meets breath-taking scenery Contains:. This Whitsunday Islands resort knows what families want Contains:.

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Even though I knew better, Spain's pickpockets still robbed me Contains:. Nevertheless, the club is not just known for its awesome topless performances. Crazy Horse 3 is also a favorite among celebrities and non-celebs who just want to have a good time. There are dozens of pool parties happening in Las Vegas every day. These pool parties involve jamming out to cool music, plenty of dancing, and of course, beautiful people in swimsuits.

Some of the biggest pool parties in the area are those that happen at the Encore Beach Club at the Wynn Hotel. The Club Scene Low-end clubs are going to give you much better odds of finding girls. It is more fun and not such a scene. Further, it will be tough to get into things to do in las vegas single guy clubs when they are busy.

One exception is if you are staying as a guest in the hotel, since they sometimes have VIP tickets for guests. Otherwise, you will most likely need to recruit some women to get you into a club or will need to tip the doorman a lot.

Try to meet women in the fringes of the clubs where it is more quiet. Unless you just want to dance the night away, skip the things to do in las vegas single guy. Some of the best clubs in Vegas are at the Cosmopolitan hotel. You will need their attention to get drinks when they are busy. Even Vegas stops as the sun comes up. Drais at the Cromwell has a good late night club. You may want to hit the pool the next day to meet women, so sleeping too late will ruin your daytime action.

The girls are also going to be much easier to approach and you will have more fun. The main benefit of the big name clubs is a nicer place with what are often better looking girls. Pools Many of the pools in Vegas are closed during the winter, so you will need to keep that in mind. Also, with a few exceptions you can only stay in the pool of the hotel you are staying at, so make sure to pick a hotel with a good pool if that is important.

Mandalay Bay has the best pool, but it is more for families. Palms and Hardrock have the best pool clubs. Day club pool parties are a great place to meet the ladies. The vibe is very relaxed. As with most places, you will see more guys than girls and if you are not in good shape it could be intimidating.


Some pools offer European style topless pools. Another good one is the Sapphire Pool, which is run by the Sapphire strip clubso you will definitely be seeing attractive topless women. As the name implies, the Bare Pool Lounge at Mirage is also topless and one of the best on the Strip. It might also be mostly guys too. Imagine watching an entire game without someone asking you to take out the trash, to take your feet off the table or to keep your voice down.

Now, imagine that with hot waitresses bringing you alcohol and gambling on the outcome of the games that are playing on the multitude of big screens. That is heaven. To top it off, you can get together with the entire crew and act as if you own your own suite at the Arena. Check out Lagasse's Stadium at the Palazzo Hotel and overdose on sports and chicken wings. For a bachelor party, start the day here and fuel up.

What's the BEST Vegas Club for Single Guys?

It might be, but if the boys are in Las Vegas, it's part of the package. So get your money together, grab one responsible guy, and hit the strip club until the sun comes up. The huge Sapphires Strip Club is one of the largest in the world. The Sapphire skyboxes are great for bachelor parties. Up to entertainers take to the stage at Sapphire.

The guys can kick back at one of four bars, in a VIP luxury suite, or the multi-level main room and watch the action. The Palomino Strip Club is a traditional Gentlemen's Club open since the 60s that is the only fully nude strip club that serves alcohol.

Single Guy’s Guide to Vegas

They offer VIP packages and private party packages. There are those who think up a walking-and-drinking game for the guys whenever they go out. It's quite simple, and there are very little rules, so you won't forget anything when you're liquored up. As you walk down the strip any time you see a bar, a drink, or any reference to alcohol, you must order a drink.

Things to do in las vegas single guy [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)