90 day rule for dating

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With that said, you and only you need to make the choice to wait or not wait. Like with most things in life, there are pros and cons to this 90 day rule that those who are deciding to take part in this dating strategy should be made aware of. Now, in theory, this sounds like a great idea, right? No problem listen here. 90 day rule for dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) CHRISTIAN DATING 4 FREE

And that sexual chemistry—neither of you can deny it. But should you invite your date to your place and jump in bed together right away? Read up and decide for yourself. By following the 90 day rule in dating and waiting to sleep with them for at least three months, you can feel out the person and reveal if they are truly after having a relationship with you or just getting into your pants. By waiting 90 day rule for dating days before you get in the sack, you get to focus more on finding out things about the other person, and vice versa.

Your mind, body, and heart can play tricks on you, on top of the tricks and mind games that the other person may be playing. So what you may think is attraction or even love may end up being infatuation.

By not waiting, you can end up making all kinds of decisions that you may regret in the end. The number of sexually transmitted infections is on the rise, and many of these even go undiagnosed.

Is Steve Harvey Right?: Should Single Women Wait 90 Days Before Sex?

Talk about the libido taking the lead. Waiting for 90 days before having sex with your date allows you to be emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared. Sex is good, sex is great, but it also has its share of strings and complications.

By waiting, you can prepare yourself for the next step so that when you do reach the goal, you and your partner are both ready and committed. It is an affiliate link meaning I do make a small amount off of the sale. Thanks for reading the blog. I think he means 90 days after meeting assuming you are regularly dating during that time. My perspective is not to blatantly agree or disagree with that advice.

I advise against investing too much too soon whether it be investing time, sex, money, or anything else. I think that if you give too much too fast in a relationship you could end up regretting things, and no one likes the 90 day rule for dating of regret.

Hi I waited til marriage at It lasted 13 years til he left us soon after our son was born. Being a single mom for 7 years and in the church is hard. And guys seem to want it yesterday. Anyways I still believe in waiting til marriage. But I may be waiting alone. Hi Noelle, I have no experience as a single parent but I imagine it is 90 day rule for dating. My advice to you would be to take some time to write out your dating criteria. Hang in there! Have faith that you will find the partner intended for you.

In the meantime, evaluate or create your dating criteria.


Share it with friends, family and even your church family. You want the people close to you to have their eyes open for you. Find time to do activities you enjoy. You could very well meet a potential spouse in a fitness class, art class or at an common interest activity. Until then, check out this article on dating criteria.

"The 90 Day Rule"

On the go, no time to read? No problem listen here. I did not get married until I was I was a college athlete, professional adventurer river raft guide and mountaineer who traveled around the world, combat veteran, and bar bouncer.

Why I Recommend Steve Harvey’s 90 Day (Sex) Rule

In my circle of friends in both high school and college, about half were also waiting and successful at it. A few were not, most who committed remained. The trick is to have a deep spiritual component combined with a social group that hold you accountable. Related Posts. August 29th, 0 Comments. June 22nd, 0 Comments.

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90 day rule for dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)