Can you get fired for flirting

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And ladies, I'm not just talking to the guys here. And finally, be proud of your relationship. For starters it makes you act carefully. But keeping an office affair quiet is hard work. Can you get fired for flirting [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Sarah Thomas not her real name a year-old NHS manager, has kept her relationship secret for almost a year. My partner is more senior but he's not my line manager, so I don't feel obliged to tell anybody," she says. But keeping an office affair quiet is hard work. Get a room Remember to keep your affair clean. Your colleagues don't want to catch you snogging in the lift or fumbling in the can you get fired for flirting, especially if they've just had their lunch.

Getting physical could also put you in breach of the implied term of "good faith" that says staff conduct should act in the best interests of the company, says Sally Laughton, employment solicitor at Andersons Solicitors in Nottingham.


Holding hands or briefly kissing may be seen as inappropriate but won't justify dismissal, whereas more explicit behaviour might.

If your employer overreacts to a relatively minor indiscretion you could file a claim for unfair dismissal. Same-sex workplace relationships can be particularly problematic because they alert colleagues to your sexuality and expose you to banter or worse. Sexual orientation regulations, introduced in the Equality Actmake it illegal for employers and other groups to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation, so you have plenty of legal protection.

I'm just saying that thinking you can say the same things to co-workers that you say when you are out at a bar trying to meet potential dates is not a good idea.

Filmed My Boss Firing Me

And ladies, I'm not just talking to the guys here. Women are now a major force in the workplace. So, guess what? I'm seeing more harassment claims by men against women. Beyond sexual harassment, there are lots of reasons why it might make sense not to engage in this behavior as it relates to your professional reputation.

HR folks - can you add more? Employees, what do you think? Share your thoughts below. True or false? At times you might drift off course and that's when things will start getting ugly. After all your first motive is to work and earn money for yourself. Sacrificing that for something as small as flirting makes no sense at any point.


Make sure the flirting is reciprocated and does not turn into sexual harassment at a point. Sexual harassment is a one-way interaction which makes the receiver feel uncomfortable, and within themselves, they carry a negative emotional feeling of grudge and hatred. This should be kept in mind in places outside your workplace too.

Although we spend most of our time at our office, finding someone to flirt with at workplace isn't a great idea and should be avoided at all costs.

It's better to work in an efficient way rather than face the backlash from your boss. Monday, 22 Oct, 1. What if the flirting ends? Keep can you get fired for flirting relationship off social media If you've gone all lovey-dovey on social media, you probably want to share your love with the world, but since you also probably have lots of colleagues on your can you get fired for flirting media accounts, try and keep all this at bay.

Assuming people know isn't bad For starters it makes you act carefully. There are several normal, natural reasons flirting with the boss occurs. For instance, the boss is someone in authority. The boss is powerful, experienced, sometimes older and more experienced in life, and has earned the respect of his or her subordinates. Those qualities are naturally attractive. If being mentored by your boss, you may find more qualities about him or her that you respect and admire, creating an even stronger base for why you'd be tempted to flirt.

Any behavior hardly ever goes unnoticed in a workplace, so the people around you may be the first to point out flirting. Even if you are generally unaware when you're being flirted with, you may start to hear comments about how the boss favors you or how the boss seems to spend more time the definition of dating someone your work station than necessary.

Pay attention to these comments as they provide valuable insight from an outside perspective. When a boss is particularly friendly and attentive it can leave some employees asking, "Is my boss flirting with me?


Does the boss take as much time with everyone else as they do with you? Be realistic in your assessment, though, since things that may seem flirtatious outside of the workplace extra attention, encouragement, offers of lunch might simply be "business as usual" at work.

Possible Perils of Flirting With the Boss

It's when you can't find justification for the extra attention or playfulness based on work then you may be able to confidently assume you're being flirted with. Does it feel like flirting?

Can you get fired for flirting [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)