Why did he ask if i was dating anyone

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That's why he's says "are you dating anyone. Everthing a guy does is ultimately approximately intercourse - except you ensue to be something greater desirable than intercourse on my own- like a guy or woman who brings him exhilaration and contentment whilst he's on the element of you.

Like a protracted hug. Yeah i might like a cuddle whether it skill no intercourse. Hes interestead making sure no one is attached to you so he can try and make a move without ruining a relationship you might be in with someone else but if your not that guy will try to make a move.

That means he might be interested in you and wants to make sure you don't have a boyfriend so he can make a move. He's probably interested in asking you out. You girls have it lucky. Pagination 1. Existing questions. This guy I have been talking to asked me that recently. Does that mean he is interested or just being nice?

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Add Opinion. Have an opinion? Related Questions. Show All. Men are scared of change. Some guys have to go through the worst case scenario in their mind. They've seen their buddies go from fun and outgoing bachelors to totally whipped boyfriends and they don't want to be next.


If you think your guy is struggling with this, assure him that there won't be any huge chances. And all of the little changes will be for the better. He'll still get to be his independent self, just with you by his side. Does your guy have the time to be your boyfriend? Is he able to commit to texting all day long, phone calls every night and dates every other night? It's a big commitment! Playing the field might take more work up front but you can slack off for a few weeks and it doesn't matter at all.

When you're single, you don't have to worry about texting someone, calling them, going on dates, remembering their birthdays, buying gifts or anything like that. You just do you. But being in a relationship does take time. If he likes you enough, he'll make the time for you, even if he's super busy with work or other things. If he says he's too busy, he's not worth it.

Your guy is going to feel a lot more bonded to you if the two of you share something personal.

Why She Asks If You're Dating Anyone

Maybe he told you about his dad who passed away and you two hugged while he cried a little bit. Manly tears, of course. Or maybe you really opened up to each other about your dreams of starting your own business, even though you've never shared that with anyone. Those personal connections mean something to your guy, just like they mean something to you too.

Sure, you two can be really physically attracted to one another and share lots of laughs on your date. But if you don't have a serious connection, there's no point. He's not just looking for someone to date anymore, he's looking for a girlfriend. Are you someone who is going to support him and have his back? The commitment-phobe in every man is going to trigger this question. Is your relationship moving too fast?


Is it way too soon for these boyfriend and girlfriend labels? Maybe it is. Maybe you're reading this list on your way home from you first date. In that case, we invite you to take the above GIF to heart. But maybe it's not. Maybe you two have been going on dates for a couple of months now and you still have no clue whether or not you're officially an exclusive couple.

It's driving you crazy!

What To Say If He Ask If You're Talking To Other People

You're not sure whether you should still be on Tinder. You're not sure if you should ask him to come over for the holidays. You have no idea what to call him when you run into someone you know on the street. So you stammer and say, "This is my, uh, well, this is my Your guy wants to make sure he knows all of the craigslist belfast dating things about you before he locks it down. It would be awful to ask you to be his girlfriend and then find out something deal-breaking - like the fact that you're planning to move across the country next summer.

Of course, he'll learn lots about you once you are his girlfriend. But he wants to know the big things beforehand. That's the whole point of the dating stage of the relationship - it's where you learn all about each other. So by now he should know some of the essentials like where you work, what you do for fun and your last name. But he might be scared that you have something hiding in the closet. Do you? Disclose it now before things go too far!

If he doesn't lock it down and make it exclusive, will some other guy come along and steal you? It's sad to think this way but yes, scarcity is as real in our dating lives as it is in economics. If your guy knows he can take his time being casual with you because there's no one else in the picture, then he might just do that.

But if he knows you're seeing other guys, swiping away on Tinder and getting hit on at the bar, he's going to step up his game. He'll know he needs to act fast to seal the deal with you before someone else can beat him to it. Meet big booty women not saying you should play mind games here, but it definitely doesn't hurt to let your guy know that you are a hot commodity.

He shouldn't expect you to just sit around and wait for him. Unlike with his family, he doesn't need his friends to absolutely love you. But he does need to make sure that you can fit in well with them. Basically, he wants to still be able to hang out with his friends so he's hoping he can still do that with you.

No one wants to date someone who makes them give up all of their friends. There are a lot more safer hen houses out there. Thanks for your comment. I like the one about guys flirting but not having asked me out yet. If I directly say no, he will lose interest.

Then what if you are eventually why did he ask if i was dating anyone him exclusively? I believe that is what you want? Are you not worried he will lose interest?

When he asks if you're seeing someone.

Why did he ask if i was dating anyone [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)