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Heres my email if soo "hiya-bunnys hotmail. You don't have anyone you need to compete with and the guys won't compete for you. Your duties include arranging activities, and organizing people. Prince of tennis dating game [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Gakupuri DS. Storm Lover Kai. Love Plus DS. Tomodachi DS. Patching Instructions.

Tennis no Oji-Sama: Motto Gakuensai no Ouji-Sama - More Sweet Edition – Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

A long-time fan of both the dating sim genre and Prince of Tennis, I snatched up this game in a instant and fell in love with it enough to start a walkthrough for it. The game is relatively straightforward and fortunately didn't take long prince of tennis dating game get used to. It might be a little troublesome for those who don't understand Japanese, so I'll try to translate as much of the story as I can.

And hopefully those that are playing this game have an idea of what the series is about, because otherwise you'll be missing out on a lot of references from the manga. Use the arrow keys to switch between the schools. Just remember that you can ONLY go after the guys from the school you pick. Made up of 6 locations: Main building - Contains the meeting rooms, the food court, and the storage room.

Seigaku, Rikkai, Fudoumine, and St.

Prince of Tennis Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama

Rudolph also have booths here Tennis courts - Where the guys hang out when they have nothing to do Booth grounds - The campfire is here. Seigaku, Rikkai, Hyoutei and Yamabuki have booths here Fountain - Several attraction meetings are held here. Prince of tennis dating game maps pull up the following options: - Look: Can lead to either an event, a mini-game.

If you move the magnifying glass around, you can sometimes find hidden Look points. You will either gain or lose affection points, viewable via the affection gauge on the top left corner of the screen, when you talk to guys or view special events. The affection levels screen, viewable from the options menu, displays a graph of each character's level with a line at each increment of ten: Strangers: Friendly enough to greet you but probably won't talk prince of tennis dating game you.

You will also probably get your first date speed dating delray fl this period. For example - most guys at the scale will probably lose you affection points if you choose to talk about love. You can also only talk about each topic ONCE per affection period; after that they will simply tell you they're too busy to talk.

Although you can use them on any character, you will only get affection points if you talk to the character that you received the topic from.

Prince of Tennis Dating Game

Third one, of course, does absolutely nothing but works when if you're trying to avoid the guy. If you're friendly with the guy, find my friends mac el capitan automatically notice you and affection points will be added. If so, and you're not friendly enough for him to ask him on your own, a list of choices should pop up with two options, the 1st to ask him if it's okay for you two to go home together, and the 2nd to say goodbye.

Pick the 1st one to accept his offer and the second one to reject it. This section is for explaining the style displaying affection increases. See the examples below. Because this is the second Talk Option, I figured it was unimportant since it's not the guy of focus and the player can take a chance thus called CHANCE to get a conversation or be put on hold and get nothing see [toch] for more on chances.

The auto means it'll be automatically rewarded without any options needing to be selected by the player. It's listed to indicate that you have to select the Talk Initiative in order to interact with the prince of tennis dating game. Most mornings AM and noons, you get to talk to two [2] guys, indicated by "Talk x2 Options. Almost always the route will prince of tennis dating game the route chosen guy, prince of tennis dating game.

If he is unavailable, the pick one option will be there. Early on in the game first few daysyou literally only have a chance to have a conversation with the guy. This is due to starting off with low level affection with the guys. So there is no guarantee that the Talk option would work early on. Because of this uncertainty, I didn't want to create false assumptions in the routes.

Thus it is called chance. The second feature of chance is that you have options when to you select talk and then a subject. Because each guy will favor and dislike different subjects, at the beginning of each route is the guy's subject rewards. This allows the player to be flexible, somewhat, and pick the topics they're kind of interested in hearing about.

Or the player can target the hearts gained. An example of the chart is below. This can also, be skipped if desired, but be weary of your affection level. Lastly, some subject don't become available till certain days, those dates have been listed as well. Mostly because it seems the guy starts opening up around the same time when I double check my route guide.


Also, there are some that were too cute or funny that I'd hope the player would get to see. However, a lot of those require the subject to have been selected before and a few days in advance at least.

I might go back and add it to the others after I finish all routes and guides for those routes. I've also added if there is any auto conversation prince of tennis dating game heart gain for talking to that guy. If it's a choice you have to make, I put a simple "PH" after the guy's name. Since the other guys aren't the focus, you I didn't specify.

Prince of Tennis DATING GAME full

See the examples and suggestions below. If you must, going for the one with choices and selecting the wrong option isn't a bad idea either.

These should be looked over before you begin his route. For the most part, it's the same information for every guy with a few slight differences. Because this is, literally, a chance, I wanted to make sure I still advised about the option that'd reward the most hearts.

As such, it's listed with the correct option in "quotations" with the number of hearts rewarded after. For the option that says "Either", this means that as long as you don't select the " It's kind of common sense to say yes or to invite the guy you're after, but to be complete I wanted to add that reminder as well.

Obviously, you want to turn down any guy that isn't your route guy. There is a time where another guy will ask you home, but that negates you getting to go home with the guy you're after. Obviously, proceed with caution when it isn't your route guy. It IS possible to give your number to two [2] guys!

This isn't a problem as long as you make sure to not walk home with the extra guy. Again, it's kind of obvious to give them your number but for completion sake, I've added the reminder. Jealous guys will lose hearts if you talk to other guys in the same area as prince of tennis dating game. August 22nd Are you aiming for a particular guy?

What time of day are you at? What was the prince of tennis dating game day of the game again? It has been So long since I played the game I found another one! Thank you though. If I may ask, who's your favorite prince of tennis character? Did you really just ask me- Okay, lemme go through the odd characters and see Top 5 christian dating sites I pick teams instead?

Hyoutei's amd Rikkaidai's teams. And Shitenhouji. Although it's easy to find if you just type in "name of game" and "rom" after it. I tried searching it and all i get are people's reviews on it Heres my email if soo "hiya-bunnys hotmail.

I'll also search it too sorry for the bother lol, prince of tennis dating game. If it's the motto gakuensai one, just type in "motto gakuensai no oujisama rom" and there are a lot of links o. Do they have english version? I bet not. No, no patches that I could find either and I'm a whizz on google.

There are some differences as those translations are for the PSP version, but the DS version is pretty much the same with more events. Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Series 2. Storm Lover Kai 4. Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare- 5. June Coming soon!


July Coming soon! You are a 14 year old heroine who is in charge of managing a team and the festival. Your duties include arranging activities, and organizing people.

Prince of tennis dating game [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)