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Went on one date with a guy I met on OkCupid and he spent the entire date complaining about things in his life and placing blame on his friends, parents, etc. First of all, why are you complaining about things on a first date?! Second, everything wrong in your life is because of the actions of someone else?

I highly doubt it, negative nancy. A guy who complains constantly… about anything, really, while refusing to do anything to improve himself or his situation.

Unemployed or working a shit job while living with parents, paying no rent, with no intention of actually getting on with your life. And an ass. Originally Posted by Enema. Do you choose your future mates by thier jobs? Perhaps to make the dating process easier you should ask for resumes up front? Originally Posted by DateAnalyzer. I'm going to have to agree But I think men have more societal pressures to be employed than women. The same goes for the moving out thing, dating while unemployed reddit.

If I were to go on a date with a woman right now if unemployed and she asked me, so what do you do? Originally Posted by monkey Originally Posted by sofakingmad. Don't think I'd mind dating someone who was unemployed as long as they were seriously looking for something and wanted to work.

People can be made redundant for all sorts of reasons. Why shouldn't someone who is out of work and luck not want a partner as well as a job? It can be socially isolating being out of work so trying to keep dating is surely a good thing and shows a determination to keep positive and involved in life. Money and intelligence seem to be a big part of relationships.

If we're smart people and of course we arethen we want an equally intelligent boyfriend. Of course, we do, right?! It would be super boring otherwise and we would have nothing to talk about and different hobbies and interests. If we happen to come from a family with money, hopefully, we're not snobby about it because no one likes that, but it's just realistic to assume that if we dated a poorer guy, he might feel insecure about it.

We might love him and have no problem dating him but the class differences might make it impossible to be together or at least that's how it seems in tons of movies. Pretty much the same thing I find intimidating by other men. This guy's on Reddit finds it intimidating if a girl has more money or is more intelligent than him, and that probably makes more sense than most things on this list.

It also makes sense that he finds men like this dating while unemployed reddit. We can agree that if we have a wealthy friend or someone who has more degrees than us, we might find that intimidating.

It's funny how some people are super social and others are homebodies. We might be the life of the party no matter what dating while unemployed reddit enjoy meeting new people, or maybe the opposite is true and we like having a smaller group of friends.

If guys get intimidated by a lot of things, which seems to be the case, how do they feel about a social girl? They are simultaneously super welcoming and very intimidating to me. This guy's Reddit post proves that some guys can be intimidated dating while unemployed reddit women who are black girl dating hispanic guy. Maybe they think that they won't be able to keep up and party all the time with her.

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Maybe they think that she knows too many people and they won't want to talk to random strangers all the time. Maybe they just find it too much to deal with. This definitely makes sense. If we're on the quiet, homebody side, would we really want to have a boyfriend who is a social butterfly? The answer is probably not.


We just might be too opposite and have too many differences, and honestly, that's fine. There's going to be someone who is more our social speed. Not every couple can be totally equal. One person might have a higher-paying job, another might have more family money, and countless other differences. It doesn't have to be a bad thing. If the couple is truly in love and meant to be together, it won't even matter.

They'll take care of each other and make it work. We know that everyone gets insecure sometimes, dating while unemployed reddit when they are interested in dating someone, and we might wonder if guys get insecure about dating a girl who seems "better" than them.

More educated owl dating me. Substantially more intelligent than me.

25 Women Reveal The One Thing That Makes Some Men Losers

Substantially more successful than me. This guy on Reddit gets intimidated when he thinks that a girl is above him in status in terms of good looks, education, intelligence, and success in general.

It sucks to hear this because we don't want to feel like we have to dumb ourselves dating while unemployed reddit or stop being accomplished in order to be attractive to guys, and we have a certain pride about how we look.

It doesn't seem super fair to hear that this can be intimidating, but maybe we have come across this before with guys and so it makes total sense to us. It's awesome when we meet someone who is super real and honest and always gives us their opinion. Hopefully they're not mean about it because that's not cool, but otherwise, it can be refreshing to know that this person isn't dating while unemployed reddit. We love having friends who tell it like it is because we know that they can always give us good advice.

They're not going to just nod and smile and tell us what we want to hear, like other well-meaning people in our lives. How do guys feel about a woman who tells it like it is? Is it an attractive quality to have Someone I have to prove my worth towards.

This particular Reddit post tells us that it can definitely be intimidating. This guy's statement that he's intimidated by a woman he has to "prove his worth towards" makes sense We can't just commit to anyone, we have to know that they care about us and are going to treat us well.

It's really good if girls act that way. Do guys ever think that a girl seems kind of cold? Would that be intimidating, and would they still want to date her, or would they be all, "No thanks"? Have any of us been told by guys that we flirt urban salon prices be their girlfriend because we're cold or unemotional?

I get that some people aren't going to always be the life of the party. But some just have this constant searing look of disdain on their face. This guy posted on Reddit that he's not into dating a girl who seems "cold" and that would seem intimidating, so yes, that's definitely our answer.

This is a good reminder that even if we think that we look normal and friendly, maybe we don't, and maybe a guy that might otherwise want to ask us out or want to be in a relationship with us assumes that we don't like him or that we're always in a bad mood. When we like someone and want to start a relationship with them, we have to assume that they would like us back.

We don't have to be super conceited and, of course, we probably shouldn't be since there is nothing less attractive than that but we need to believe that we could be attractive and interesting to someone else.

And we should also believe that we would make a good girlfriend. But that being said, we definitely assume that some guys are "too good for us" and that they would never be interested in dating us, and so it would make sense that some guys would like at us that way.

Do guys think that some girls are just not going to want to date them? Would they find that intimidating? This guy's Reddit post shows that if a girl seems to be out of his league, she's both gorgeous and full of confidence, and he finds that intimidating.

We always hear that if you want to be attractive to someone else, you have to be confident, so it's a bit disheartening to know that some guys might find that tough to deal with. But, hey, that just means that we need to wait for someone who won't find that intimidating and who will love how self-assured we are. Most of us would say that we're not really all that interested in dating an unemployed guy.

Sure, a good guy might be out of work for various reasons and it's not always someone's fault, and of course, we could start dating him and he finds employment ASAP, dating while unemployed reddit.

But that's not usually the case and sometimes, a guy without a job doesn't have a great work ethic and he seems pretty undesirable. We would assume that guys would like if we had a really good job and had figured out what kind of career path we wanted to go down Being a highly paid professional is like my dating while unemployed reddit real advantage.

As this guy said on Reddithe doesn't want to date a girl who has a good job and gets paid a lot. As he put it, that's something that he has, and he figures that's his most attractive quality.


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Dating while unemployed reddit [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)