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If you enjoy fine dining then you will love Cartagena. Bocagrande is alright but there are better beaches around like Playa Blanca which would be good for a day date. There are many different sites to see beyond the most famous ones noted in the travel guides. You can easily spend days getting lost in the historic architecture of the area. Dating in cartagena colombia [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) DATING SITES FREE TO JOIN

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Cartagena, Colombia

All rights reserved. Email Address. Date night ideas and all sorts of things to do during the day will also be discussed. At the end of the post we will be adding some tips for any tourists who are new to trying to hook up in Colombiadating in cartagena colombia, if that sounds like you then you better stick around for them.

Whether you are looking for singles bars to try and hook up with Cartagena girls, good spots for a date night, plenty of options for food or things to do you can find them all here. If this is your first time in town dating in cartagena colombia to get a hotel in the Old City, or at the nearby Bocagrande Beach.

If you have done any research on the nightlife here then you surely have read about both of them already. It is important to note that there are going to be quite a few prostitutes at bars in Cartagena, particularly in the Old City and Getsemani similar to what you find when trying to hook up in Parque Lleras in Medellin. We will get more into this later, but if you want to avoid the prostitutes you will need to venture into the city where things may find a wealthy man be as safe.

The Castellana Mall will be a key to our next section, but you can find some good nightlife nearby where many of the local Costenas women from Cartagena go to party. Green Moon and Vueltabajero are two popular bars in that area. On January 2nd there is a huge rave here called the Storyland Dance Festival that lasts a few days and would definitely be worth checking out. This town can feel very touristy, if you want to step off the beaten path a bit consider heading to Pereira next time. Why are girls visiting Cartagena?

They want to go to the beach right? So that would be a good place to meet them during the day. The main touristy beach is Bocagrande and during peak season it should be loaded with hot girls with great bodies laying out under the sun.

You can facilitate this by visiting one of the online dating sites that introduces foreign men to local Cartagena women or you can take part in a romance tour. With a romance tour you will have a selection of young lovely ladies for you to choose from.

You will get the most out of your visit to Cartagena if you have a little basic Spanish before you go. While this is not essential it will allow you more chances to meet women and will make navigating the city even easier.

Once you have found a date to show you around the city you will have even more opportunities to practice your Spanish. The local women will be flattered that you have taken an interest in their language and their city. This will make it easier for her to see a potential future with you. When you combine this with your natural prestige as a foreigner you should find it easy to attract someone special.

While many Colombian women would love to marry a westerner they will also be happy to get dating in cartagena colombia spend a shorter time with you, helping you to see dating in cartagena colombia fantastic city.

There are a couple of differences between Columbia and the United States that you need to be aware of. When people go out to clubs and bars in the United States it is generally accepted that they will meet new people and mingle.

Typically women will go out in relatively small groups of two to four. When Colombians go out they generally go out in much larger groups.

As well as this they will be accompanied by men who will look out for them and pay for their drinks.

Why I Travel to Cartagena Colombia for Love with Latin Women

Therefore it can be harder to interject yourself into these groups and mingle with new women. A better approach is to talk to the women of Cartagena while you are out exploring the city.

As a foreigner you have the perfect opportunity to approach women.

Colombian Women Fuel Cartagena Tourism Surge

You can ask them for directions or about the history of the historic spots you are visiting. Another great spot for meeting women is at the beach. Cartagena sits on the Colombian coast, sticking out into the Caribbean Sea so that it is almost entirely surrounded by coastline. The dating in cartagena colombia itself has many beautiful beaches…. Our services are exactly one of the best! Are you excited to meet these beautiful ladies? If so, an exhilarating getaway is waiting for you -- our romance tours to Cartagena.

We host a tour each year to give our clients a chance of meeting Cartagena women and mingling with them.


Hence, premium accommodation. We will provide you with an amazing getaway. You will stay in a reputable hotel in the host city. You will also be able to try local Colombian food and a lot more.

Cartagena Women | Meet Your Gorgeous Latin Bride

Our local staff will be visible all the time to assist you all the way, especially in the actual meeting with the ladies. Once you register for FREEyou are assured to have a guided trip. When you avail our romance tours, you will be given an opportunity to meet Latin women in person and visit well-known destinations spots in Cartagena.


It is indeed a great escape from stressful work. The schedule of activities is provided by our hands-on staff for a smooth-sailing trip. That being said, your journey in finding love in Cartagena also means an adventure to a paradise. Along with our excellent services mentioned above, we also prepared helpful itinerary tips for you.

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With the help of our hassle-free travel itinerary, you are guaranteed to have a safe and convenient trip to Cartagena and its famous attractions that you dream of visiting. Through us, your dream of finding a possible bride in Colombia will be the ultimate experience that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life.

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