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One day we will be the Ancestors. They can be anything from something your knowledgeable about, your opinion on something or simply a report on how you live your everyday life as a pagan. Alberta Pagan Meetup Online chat. Loki's Den. Pagan chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Pagans and Witches unite! Join the fastest growing community for all things Pagan and Witchcraft! Get to know like-minded members and talk about your beliefs, spells and more! Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Long-held onto sacred views were definitely challenged, and for some that was too much. I was in the loved it camp. As I read the book it felt like years of baggage was falling from my shoulders.

Although this book was primarily about Wicca, Wicca was the dominant Pagan path at the time, and it very much influenced the rest of mainstream Paganism.


I felt a wave of acceptance and calm that what I had been living was, in fact, something very modern — something created, it seemed, very much from the minds of those two individuals. Far from it. But the Way all of it is expressed togetherthat is new.


Well, when I say new it sprang into life in the s. It grew because that seed had been planted, had been watered and cared for, and it then began to grow. What was held onto as ancient authenticity has been replaced with modern validity?

At some point, all religions were new and freshly born.

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That tiny seed is still a very delicate seedling. I see that some want it to grow faster. They want worldwide recognition of Paganism as a Religious Path — now. Some want us to be perfect in all of our environmental choices — now. Gardeners use fertilizer to help their plants grow, and some of these wishes are indeed fertilizing the soil for growth, but this seedling will not be a fully grown tree in my lifetime. Who knows when pagan chat rooms will grow to fruition? If there are indeed another years, one thing is for sure — one day we will be the Pagan chat rooms Pagans.

One day we will be the Ancestors. Those hereditary Pagans so many wished existed in the 80s and 90s actually exist right now as some of our children, who have been raised at Pagan camps and conferences, and with Pagan parents, choose to walk in our footsteps, and take that seedling to their hearts. A valid, empowering, modern, Pagan Path.

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Pagan chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)