How to join chat room in yahoo messenger new version

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Here's how to do it! Messenger lets you delete, or send a message so that it will be removed from the conversation for anyone else who's a part of it. This happens nearly instantaneously. For instance, if you sent the message "Bye" but later changed your mind and want it deleted, you can send it even if the other person has read it already. The web and mobile version of Yahoo!

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Messenger let you clear the conversation to remove the history from the message. You can do this from the small i button at the top right of the message. However, this doesn't actually retract the messages from the conversation; clearing the conversation just clears the history so that you can't go looking through the texts.


To actually retract the message for good requires that you use the Unsend button. Share Pin Email. Self-described IM veteran covers the latest in messaging trends and videography.

If you're interested in using the web version, visit messenger. You can also download a Windows version of the program so you can use it like any other software application you have running on your PC. Choose a name that people can recognize you by, and press Continue.


Step 1 Yahoo! Step 2 Left-click on the menu item 'Yahoo! Step 3 A sub-menu will open. Click on 'Join a Room Step 4 When the 'Join Room' window pops-up, select a category, then a room.

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How to join chat room in Yahoo! Messenger

Dehli Chat Rooms. Here's the good news. Armed with an updated feature set and an array of new options, the new Yahoo Messenger launched in December Some of the features of the platform are:.

Because Yahoo has been around for so long, it's likely that you already have contacts on the platform that you can start chatting with right away. You'll need to upgrade to the newest version of Yahoo Messenger, as older versions are no longer supported.

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How to join chat room in yahoo messenger new version [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)