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So what's everyone's favorite movie? The first episode was released in April , and the show has quickly climbed to be the second highest educational podcast on iTunes. Tony: Of Fury? Hidden categories: Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing potentially dated statements from August All articles containing potentially dated statements. You weren't mad at him or anything, just a little disappointed. Harry potter chat room episode 1 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Emerson Spartz serves as the founder, owner, and webmaster of MuggleNet. He founded the site at the age of twelve a month after reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. MuggleNet benefits from friendly relations with J. Rowlingthe author of the Harry Potter books, and the producers of the films. Rowling recounts on her website that she occasionally visits the site and sometimes reads the comments left by visitors although never comments herself.

The author also stated that she visited the site's chat room and was snubbed when she anonymously joined in a conversation about Harry Potter theories. Warner Bros. The studio also provided MuggleNet staff with advance views of the new official website designs, as well as included staff in a video conference to discuss the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando.

Rowling's Pottermorea reading and discussion of listener comments, and various special features created by the hosts. Once a book of the series is finished, the podcast hosts celebrate with a live show and global viewing of the corresponding Warner Bros.

Since its launch, Alohomora! After finishing the first reread of the Harry Potter books, the show now releases biweekly episodes alternating between harry potter chat room episode 1 suggested by listeners and revisits of specific chapters from the Potter books in no particular order.

MuggleCast launched in August when podcasts were still up and coming. The reception from MuggleNet's audience was great, harry potter chat room episode 1 the team expanded the shows with a wealth of new co-hosts and content. MuggleCast recorded what it announced would be its final regular episode on August 26, Rowling's other works. Harry potter chat room episode 1 episode focuses on a different topic and features a guest who is a prominent researcher, teacher, scholar, or writer.

On December 20,MuggleNet premiered its new podcast, SpeakBeastya podcast entirely dedicated to the Fantastic Beasts film series. The show has since grown to host special guests, including actors Dan Foglerwho portrays Jacob Kowalski in the films, and Mitchell Thornton, who also appears in the series. MuggleNet Academia was a podcast hosted and produced by former MuggleNet managing editor Keith Hawk and the Hogwarts Professor, John Grangerrevolving around a particular aspect of literature found within the Harry Potter book series.

The idea for the show was presented to the staff of MuggleNet by co-host John Granger to revive the "Potter Pundit" section that was originally held on several episodes of PotterCastthe Leaky Cauldron website's podcast. However, MuggleNet Academia created an entire show dedicated to one theoretical discussion topic as opposed to just a segment. Each show featured a special guest speaker, usually a professor or other academic specialist, as well as a student guest, usually an undergraduate, graduate student, or recent graduate who excels in the field of each particular lesson.

The first episode was released in Apriland the show has quickly climbed to be the second highest educational podcast on iTunes. How to meet people at a party iOS and Amazon mobile app were also available, providing dating with guy friends to all of the normal episodes as well as periodic bonus material, typically in the format of an interview of a college or university professor who teaches a particular Harry Potter -themed course at their school.

Its last episode was released December 12, MuggleNet Fan Fiction's AudioFictions ran for nearly six years with a total of episodes January 3, [27] -December 28, [28]. Other MerMuggles who joined the show later include coolh, Eratosthenese, Faerie Dust, Finest Firewhisky, sajomn, and type-n-shadow.

The podcast strove to ensure that, as its slogan states, "the magic lives beyond the books". Fei April 30,pm Amarie April 30,pm All your accounts will have been deleted so then you have to create new accounts. Starlynn April 30,pm I love Harry Potter! SillyCupcake April 30,pm TheBluGeek May 1,am Hufflepuff and proud! Jun 11, PM. LumosBludger im a gryffie! Oh awesome!


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Harry Potter Chat Room Part 1

Aug 06, AM. Annabelle, excited for harry potter chat room episode 1 Sep 04, AM. Rowling's books Harry Potter then you'll probably enjoy this too. It's available as an inexpensive Kindle download or as a paperback and is available pretty much everywhere.

From Amazon. The book's blurb is below followed by a couple of links. Plus, of course, you can also find it on Goodreads:- 'When eleven-year-old Brian Pankhurst has to stay with his grandparents, he's not exactly enthusiastic.

He barely knows them, after all, and they're a little strange. They're stranger than he realises, in fact. Very soon after he arrives at their ancient house, Brian starts to meet people at a party that something isn't right. Why has someone sent his granddad a completely blank letter?

Why don't people who go in to the local bookshop ever seem to come out again? What does his granddad mean when he says Brian's father wasn't really an accountant? Then Brian wakes in the middle of the night and finds he's going to have to adjust to three things very quickly: magic is real, monsters are real, and he and his harry potter chat room episode 1 are in terrible danger Best wishes.

Because you had worked there on your own for a long time, it was hard for you to consider sharing the workspace with someone you barely knew. But, Barry Allen was something different. He was genuinely sweet and had such a passion for science that it almost rivalled your own. After working many cases and spending sleepless nights with Barry in the lab, the pair of you became very close friends and were inseparable. View More. You all held your breath in anticipation.

The blonde girl made it fine, followed by the short boy. Then came the 3rd year. For a second it looked like she was going to make it, but at the last second her foot came down on the imitation step.

It instantly vanished and her foot slipped through the gap. She fell forward into the boy who in turn tried to g.


George Weasley x male reader ch 7 I flushed deep red when the table started laughing and clapping at me. They mustn't like that Draco guy. I sat back down next to George and continued eating my breakfast until the teachers walked into the great hall.

Dumbledor welcomed everyone back to Hogwarts and talked about how the tri wizard tournament want last harry potter chat room episode 1.

I looked over to Harry and he seemed quite sad about that. He then got around to mentioning me. He told them that I'm not planning on staying and he told them about my mild anger issues that may or may not have caused me to punch that boy in the face.


Soon plenty of food appeared on the table and everyone started eating. Why are you here? How do I answer that? Do I tell him dumbledors plan?

A new harry potter chatroom episode 1

I just shrugged and went back to eating a bit of toast. I tugged at his sleeve and motioned with my head fo. There was no answer. He was probably asleep, but you gently pushed harry potter chat room episode 1 door open anyway. The Argo II was flying over the northern parts of Canada at the moment, and your chamber was absolutely freezing.

You needed another blanket, at least. He was under just one blanket, not even fully wrapped up in it. How was he not freezing? You softly tiptoed in and bent down to pick up the blanket on the floor. Leo shifted and you froze, looking at him just as his eyes fluttered open and met yours. He stared for a moment before shooting up in bed. What are you doing?

Best idea i've ever had! You look better with pink. The reader is a Gryffindor and Professor McGonagall is her great-aunt. She's in the same year as Harry, and I've set this in the fifth book. I do take requests, so if you would like one, just drop me a note any time. Now, on with the story! You'd just finished having a "discussion" with your great-aunt.

Being the niece of one of the most talented Transfiguration teachers Hogwarts had ever seen was NOT as easy as it seemed to be. You didn't get cut any slack, like all your classmates assumed you did. On the other hand, it was quite the opposite - everyone seemed to be extra hard on you; especially your aunt and Professor Snape.

Transfiguration wasn't so bad because at least you had a natural talent for it. And that was probably the definition of dating someone only thing you had in common with the rest of your family. Well, that and your undeterred harry potter chat room episode 1.

This is her body Don't leave! He threw off his coat, screaming as loud as possible.

Harry Potter Chat Room Ep 1

Tears streamed down his face as he had his back to the wall, slowly slinking down to the ground, bringing his chest to his knees, sobbing. He slowly pushed himself back up, stumbling and limping towards the bathroom medicine cabinet. Sherlock collapsed on the couch, dulling down his cries as he peeled off the plastic backing of the patches, slapping four of them on his left arm.

He laid back slowly, tears still running down his cheeks, and his breaths delayed and soft. He closed his eyes and pondered thro. O-Steve What! Harry potter chat room episode 1 mind. Dean has logged on.

Castiel has logged on. Sam has logged on. Sam: Know about what? Sam: God, I hope not.

Harry potter chat room episode 1 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)