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That was so, so very dumb. People are saying Jon was banished to the wall — no, that is exactlly where he wanted to be. He grabs her by the throat with his good hand and starts strangling her, just as Dany arrives at the Red Keep. Game of thrones chat room live [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Sansa asks for freedom and other lords just sit there and do nothing. Is there anyone else that feel the same way. The only character to be assassinated in 73 was Daenerys. And that is in the literal sense of the dagger in heart use of the term. Personally, I loved it. My Starks survived. Outstanding acting. Kit and Maisie brought me to tears. Gwen and Peter gave me such feelz. EC was stunning. Sure, I had some other preferences but for the most part, I am good.

I was just gathering my shit up to sell, but Game of thrones chat room live really want to burn it- and may have to, as I cannot imagine anyone being stupid enough to desire it-when I read your comment and laughed enough tears to quench a bonfire. Poor Dany!!! They turned you into Maleficent, but you really looked lovely in all that black leather.

Bronn may or may not be there at the end because the character has been altered from the books, but the rest? Done with games and conflicting loyalties. We got our scene with Brienne and the book. I was glad. Funny how life works. Played everyone he did. Good for him.

Winter is Coming

I loved the finale!!! Exactly what i wanted, even down to Greyworm heading to Naath. Ever since the end of A Feast for Crows, I only wanted two things: The destruction of the Iron Throne and for the next ruler to be elected in some way. Yes this is exactly why George was going to call it A Time for Wolves.

A Stark ends up ruling every inch of Westeros. They did figure a way to defuse what I thought would game of thrones chat room live a knot, so that was surprising.

So the whole deal with Tom Wlaschiha and Faye Marsay was a fake spoiler? I am not happy with that. This is my spoiler free comment. They are specificallly working for the folks at Disney on Star Wars stuff. Now what is the one thing that Star Wars and the House of Mouse flirting style in common? As for me, as of tomorrow I will no longer be among the Unsullied.

I found a place that sells trade editions of the novels. Do we know when Dave and D. It was a few seasons into the tv show right?

Oh to have been a fly on the wall for that meeting. If they need one, he would be it. Your point is still valid though. I hope Jon finds a nice wildling girl and a cave for the both of them to sneak off to.

Hail to the King! Lots of dropped storylines I believe. What was book Sam took from behind the gate at the Citadel that showed planets. T he whole thing now seems like story steeped in existential nihilism. Dear lord, we are all insignificant in the grand scheme of things. We cannot individually save the world but we can save our small corner of it.

Think that is what is meant here. Someone else mentioned how the walls could still be standing — wondered that myself but not for too long. He even defends the destruction of the city. First, Drogon not killing Jon right then and there, but instead venting all his flames at the throne for some reason that feels like an image they were given, but the translation to the screen makes no sense. Grey Worm would have executed Jon right then and there, if this was still the game of thrones chat room live it was in Season 1.

Three years ago I had a health crisis. I told my doctor at the time that I had to live long enough to see the Game of Thrones finale. It was a joke, but not really. I wanted to see how it ended! Jon refused to be King so many times…Well, there you have it: not King! Bran: Yes please!

After last week, they really reined it back. No respect for the fans on this one. Pitiful hodgepodge of scenes to end the series.


It barely even fit together. I take back what I said 10 years ago about Lost being the worst series finale in TV history. Oh man, I just realised something as well- Aemon Targaryen abdicated the crown and chose the Wall instead of becoming King, and Jon was forced to go the Wall despite his being the heir.

Thus endeth the Targaryen line. Oh one thing I did not like — Bronn surviving all of this. After Jon just walked through game of thrones chat room live city full of burned up children. Was the world not threatened? Did you not read the next comment from me, a couple down from that game of thrones chat room live If you are going to read back through a live chat, you are going to have to realise the comments refer to what was going on at that exact moment in the show.

Everything I am seeing on social media suggests an overwhelmingly positive reception even some of the loudest critics are giving it praise. I hope it continues. When Jon started defending Daenerys I was pretty close to just stopping watching but I just paused and paced around a bit foaming at the mouth and then carried on. It was satisfactory after that.

The dragon was more rational than the dragon queen about his loss. Drogon is also smarter than all the people, other than Sam. Get rid of the stupid throne that just leads to destruction. But whatever. Seriously, how jaded has the world become? It seems like everyone is more miserable than ever. I loved it. I dont know what else people wanted. Sorry, but that was the shittiest ending ever! Bran as King does not make sense. Jon being banished to the Wall does not make sense.

Jon defending Dany to Tyrion does not make sense. Bran being elected King does not make sense. Are they all this toxic and disgusting? Or is this one special? I thought it was a great ending. Sansa is queen in the north. Not loving the Arya sailing off west thing that much, but it makes enough sense.

As does Tyrion being doomed to be Hand whether he likes it or not. All fitting and bittersweet as was promised. I would have liked to see a blue eye opening in far north though. Just to truly bring everything full circle. Oh well. This show is going to stand the test of time as one of the greats, game of thrones chat room live.

It started when I was I wish every success to the cast and crew. Especially Bryan Cogman, Maisie and Alfie. The audiobooks to A Song of Ice and Fire are the purest, best way to enjoy the series. They are brilliantly done. Sign up for Audible and get the first for free. You will not regret it. Absolutely gutted. Awful awful writing. A sloppy thrown together mess, particularly the jump from Jon killing Dany to suddenly everyone being in the courtyard discussing the future.

No sense or flair or justice for the story which came before. Happy for Sansa and Arya, sad for Jon, but he and Ghost are together. Overall okay, but why game of thrones chat room live how is Bran setup for King? And Bran? First we get Dany who supposedly went crazy in the span of two episodes. Star Great questions to ask a guy your dating franchise is cruising for a bruising with these dullards as the new show runners.

JamesL : Pigeon. Jon did the hardest thing. He killed Dany before the Iron Throne after one last kiss. So very, very sad. Brann the Broken now the reluctant king of the Six Kingdoms by election. The next king will also be chosen by election. A silly speech by Edmure Tully seeking the position. Tryion reminded all that it is stories, above all, which unite humanity. Ser Davos, Master of Ships. Sam, Arch-Maester. Brienne, Kingsguard leader? Looking for a Master of War and a Master of Whispers.

A debate about whether ships or brothels are more pressing issues for the realm. Brienne sensibly insisted that ships are more important. Grey Worm to the Isle of Naath with the Unsullied. The Dothraki also returning to Essos apparently.

Sansa is going to have to marry, because every freaking person ended up alone! Even Sam becomes a Meister? He was Lord and a father at a great estate! Dany whipped away quickly to some life restoring waters in Valyria…. West of Westeros…. Going north meant Jon left the rule of Westeros.

Che : Did you not read the next comment from me, a couple down from that one? I would have taken that over tnr ridiculous bumbling Edmure or Bronn taking again about brothels. We get it, dude.

God, what a fucking mess. Full of stupid, silly moments. And I somehow end up on TOP of game of thrones chat room live the rubble. The series will follow some bullet points.

Tony : I loved it. An ending that makes sense. The plot mechanics of this were preposterous, even if you accept everything that happened in the preceding episodes. Irrelevant to the wars and aftermath. There was no one else at Castle Black expect for the Wildlings, those other 2 guys were just there to escort him. The wall will melt once Spring and Summer return to that area — now that the NK is dead.

Remember when he was created, that area was lush and green. Did anyone notice the green plant sticking out the snow as Jon and company rode by? Going to sleep quite content indeed. I will have to watch again to see if I feel the same. I am not happy that it took Tyrion to talk Jon into turning on Dany. It felt so painful to watch. It game of thrones chat room live beautiful and it almost makes up for him being so utterly hopeless for most of this season — almost, but not quite.

I feel this has been a terrible season for Jon. When they banished him to the wall, I felt so desperately upset for him. He saved the world — twice over and this was his reward? Banished to the wall for eternity. But seeing him ride out and turning his back on the wall, going with his people, that felt like that was his chance at happiness.

We loved it. Sadly, Dany had turned tyrant; even the set decoration was very Nazi-like. Jon stabbing her was understandable. And Edmure made an ass of himself again. Jon loved the freedom of the far North, Sansa to be queen, Arya the freedom to explore, and Bran to be 3ER while running the world with knowledge. Poor Gendry. And as usual the music and the cinematography were awesome.

I took it as a necessary eating of sap and blood in order to be able to warg into a weirwood tree. It may prove to be as you say; it may not.

Maisie Williams Accidentally Drops a Major Spoiler in Game of Thrones' Final Season

Good, because no matter how divisive the eighth season will forever be, that was a pitch-perfect series finale. I was a mess of tears, sobs, and joyful, incomprehensible outbursts for 83 minutes. No wonder Isaac was the onl;y one happy with the end.

I saw the spoilers and I have had a week to try and make sense of it. It was quiet, reflective, and overall beautifully done. Considering how darkly things were game of thrones chat room live at the end of last week, this is about as hopeful of an ending as I could have asked for.

I love that Arya is going west of Westeros I was certain that was her endgame ever since she mentioned it back in Season 6. Bran as King makes sense — Tyrion gave good reasoning why he was game of thrones chat room live best choice, especially at this point in time.

So, overall, a beautiful, reflective — dare I say bittersweet? It was truly a once in a lifetime thing.

So thank you, Game of Thrones. Thank you for everything! Also, the direction and cinematography in this episode? Fucking gorgeous. My deepest respects to David and Dan … they did great! Do not trust that fugly slut. Hell yes! Excellent ending. I loved it and it made the most obvious sense. Story needed a little breathing. Peter D was excellent the entire episode. The journey has ended. I am sad beyond words. Only bourbon will help. I liked it. It was the all consuming desire for the Iron Single chat that destroyed her.

Dragons are not like typical pets. They have minds of their own. This is pretty well established, particularly in the game of thrones chat room live, but the show too. Drogon venting his rage at the Iron Throne instead of Jon makes perfect sense to me.

I think the entire resolution of the Others, the prophecies, Azoh Ahai and all of the much deeper lore — and magic — that GRRM built into the tale has been lost in the TV series. But no, Jon was not brought back from the grave to kill Daenerys. The gods do not care about such things. Khu khu khu!!! Ok it was fine I guess — but very checkbox-y. Downside… I felt very little emotion throughout, even when Dany died. Her last speech was good, though. This meet big booty women very unlike the last 2 episodes where I alternated between tense, surprised, and devastated.

That is while I was less angry about what happened, I also cared a lot less? He saved them, respects and encourages their way of life, and is now leading them to a better future — what could be more kingly? I also found this community of fans, then on the old WinterIsComing website. Lucky for me. Then it all moved here to WatchersOnTheWall. This community has been my guide, repository of knowledge and a shared experience like none other.

And now the end has come and how fitting that the last shot is of the Wall again, the North and the hopeful but uncertain tomorrow. To call this show a masterpiece would not do it justice. For my part, I love it, live it and feel it. It is seared in my memory and part of my soul now. I am just glad to have been along for the ride and been afforded the chance to be part of this fandom. A deep, deep thank you to George RR Martin, David Benioff and DB Weiss, the extraordinary cast and amazing crew who worked soo tirelessly in front and behind the camera to bring it all to life for us all.

The end, now that it is upon us, was sad, bittersweet, funny, depressing, uncertain, unresolved, game of thrones chat room live, hopeful, loving, exhilarating, hurtful and all the things that make life what is. A never ending story which continues long after our songs have been sung. It ended as is should have and needed to. I am sorry to see that some of the division and bitterness which has split soo much of the world has seeped even amongst us here.

I wish everybody here good fortune in the years to come. May it be all we want and hope it to be, a worthy addition to an already amazing story. Why in the fuck would anybody listen to Tyrion??? All bitter, no sweet for me. At least we got an ending, grrm will never finish. We know they were given access to st least some stuff from the Winds of Winter draft material and they stated they knew the ending and arcs for all main characters but how they get there may differ from the books as they only had the broad strokes of the how.

I loved it! I simply loved it!


From now on, according to Tyrion, the ruler of the six kingdoms will be chosen by the lords paramount. So supposedly the wheel has been broken. Hope a red headed girl steals him from the watch. I loved the finale but of course wanted more. He can now live his life as a free man with Ghost and his buddy, Tormund. Glad the UnSullied got to go to Naath. Glad Drogon took Dany East. Hope the remainder of the inhabitants of the other 6 kingdoms do the same for their rulers.

Did no one question why Bran was okay with how things worked out enabling him to be the new king of the 6 kingdoms. Bronn as Master of Coin…. No mention of citizens councils, devolving more power to the common people, etc.

Why did Bran get the crown hes thrown his cousin under the bus. Also Sam as a maester hes got kids? Arya I get. I never got invested in Brans character. JasonLong : George. I dunno, in Fire and Blood there is a character very much like Arya who does precisely that, sail into the West. It was disappointing in many ways, it still had many writing problems: the screwed up seasons, the funky timeline in the episode, the Dothraki leaving in peace, the Unsullied going game of thrones chat room live Naath to die, Bran becoming voted king, Jon not getting killed, etc.

I think my main issue with this episode is that it was not a massive, gripping conclusion to an epic story. Iceman. Glad to see him make a reprisal and equally glad nobody wanted to listen to his attempted speech. Was game of thrones chat room live kid who played sweet robin the same too? I agree these last seasons have been rushed, too straight-to-the-point, yadda yadda. I agree the books will fill in the gaps and tell a how to meet people at a party fleshed version of the story.

Hell, I can agree it could have been done better. Blame the pace, the rhythm, the dialogue, whatever you want. The story? Besides Bran You. Well said my friend.

Future generations will binge this show and see the brilliance. There are errors of course. I binged The Sapranos and hated some of it but game of thrones chat room live a whole…amazing. I had a few quibbles with the kumbaya ending, tho actually approved of it. Everyone got what they wanted. And whats going to happen when Bran dies? I guess another council vote.

Game Of Thrones

People are saying Jon was banished to the wall — no, that is exactlly where he wanted to be. Anyway, I would have made the last episode a bit less dark, and this one a bit less disney. It was a great night for the Starks all around. I figured Arya would end up going West of Westeros, interracial dating black asian I was hoping for at least one more heroic act in the finale.

At least she did get to say goodbye to Jon. I have a few game of thrones chat room live, and maybe it will be better after my second watch.

I felt a lack of tension. Once Jon got past Drogon and Dany was there reliving her vision in the throne room, I figured Jon would do the deed. Her vision was both ash and snow on the iron throne. Why did the unsullied just arrest him?

But at least he was happy. Hey everyone! I have not watched the episode yet, and might not be able to until tomorrow. I scrolled down to the bottom of the Comments so as not to spoil anything for myself. Why was he listening to them? Kill Tyrion and Jon!

It would have been a better character development if he escaped and he himself chose to live beyond the wall with the free folk. Why did anybody ever think this was leading to that?

Ten Bears : Hey everyone! Brienne, Pod and Bronn were icing on the cake. Even happy Bran made it, although I thought he would go into a permanent trance up north. Acting was breathtaking, on all parts, especially Emilia. What was his line? Apollo : So there we have it.

Or it was Game of thrones chat room live, reborn amid salt and smoke, to wake dragons from stone. Loved: -Jon reuniting with Ghost.

At least this time he got a pat on the head. I was sobbing. The okay: -Arya heading west of Westeros. On one hand I loved this, on the other I thought it was too easy. And he played a small part this season, especially when his role could have been so much more interesting at the Battle of Winterfell. The ridiculous -Jon trying to defend Dany to Tyrion.

It was indefensible. I can see him being tortured and conflicted about how to respond to the slaughter, but not defending her.

Chat Rooms Game of Thrones

It felt like Days of Our Lives. Was also too repetitive — same tagged chat room Ramsey killed Roose?

Have we run out of ideas on how to kill someone? She was a usurper and a pretender. Not to mention war criminal. I have absolutely no doubt that this is his ending. The bad: -Who was that lord in the dragonpit scene who rambled on?

That was Edmure Tully. He has aged a bit but in the story he had some time in a cell as a captive. Aegon the IceDragon : Why in the fuck would anybody listen to Tyrion??? Did you miss the part where Sam suggested independent kingdoms and they laughed at him? HousePotterz : Folks, I hope you enjoyed it.

I know I did. Sam : Again. I thought the same. A couple of lines of dialogue is all it would have taken. People are gonna be in denial about this shit until like 25 years from now when ADOS finally comes out.

Sansa was setup ; butttt Brannn! George : Yep. Yeah I just realized that after I typed the comment and deleted that part. You caught me LOL! Ash : Havent read the comments yet just wanted to give a thumbs up to this last episode. Well imho, that was a bit ridiculous. It seems the leaders of Westeros pulled the wool over the eyes of GW?

Nor is there any more need for a wall. Not in the show version of the story anyway. Does Sansa consider Jon a threat to her power? Since she rules the north was it her idea to send him to the wall for an alleged life sentence, father no children, etc? He can father all the kids he wants north of the wall. Great to see he and Ghost reunite.

Loved that. Tyrion gets to be HOTK. A character who needs no introduction to true fans. The only daughter of the "Mad King". Season 7 is heating up we know she can stand game of thrones chat room live heat no matter how hot.

Back from the dead and now King of the North! Jon, always has us on the edge of the seat everytime he yeilds his sword. We are a bit nervous for this season coming up, as we know he never runs from a challenge. The iconic brave hero Probably the best matser mind in any show for a long time. Culturess 1 month game of thrones chat room live sci-fi and fantasy shows that disappointed fans.

Guilty Eats 1 month Game of Thrones stars didn't want healthy food: It was about one sandwich. Click to load more posts.

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