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Sorry we got nothing for you. MSN shut down its messenger application in October of in an attempt to move users to Skype a property it had recently acquired. Many of the chat rooms we grew up in are now gone and chat apps are not the same as chat rooms but rest assure there will always be a chat room for you at Chat. You will need to download the latest one from Sun preferably 1. Digichat chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Yes, you can have more than one 1 chatter with the same nickname. No, you can just send any word and you will enter in the last room you were in. Do I have to type all the letters in capital letters? No, it can be either capital letters or small letters. How long can I stay in a chatroom without sending a message?

DigiChat 4.0.3

Is the chatroom censored? Share This. Related Help. In the near future, we will be adding a totally new chat software that will be supported by ALL devices without any additional downloads. In order to participate in the regular desktop chat rooms, you must have a Flash enabled browser.

If you experience incompatibility issues we have alternate rooms available for use. Mobile users can simply connect from their tablets or smartphones directly. Webcams and microphones are optional for the audio and video chat rooms. For mobile and tablet users, simply digichat chat rooms from our selection of online chat rooms and click the button to connect instantly.

DigiChat Review

There are eighteen chat rooms to choose from with a specific demographic for each and every user. Get personal help E-mail us at help digi.

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Enter an email address that you use frequently. The address should be in this format: username youremail. Please enter your principal mobile number. Your principal mobile number must be at least 10 characters long.


Are you the registered owner of this mobile number? You can ignore the user by clicking their name then clicking the Ignore User icon. If you are the room moderator, you can expel or ban this user from the chat room. You can also contact the webmaster digichat chat rooms room administrator to report the problem. If you login from a different machine or a machine that uses a dynamic IP address, it will not permit a second login because you appear to be still in the room.

Select a different username.


After 10 minutes, the old username is automatically logged off and is available for use again. These errors indicate an inability to access our computers. Digichat chat rooms can be due to a problem with your Internet Service Provider ISPyour modem, or the path between your computer and ours.

It can also be because you are behind a firewall or using a proxy server. Why do I get the 'Sorry not Java enabled' message when using Netscape 3. Why do I get the following error messages: 'Security Violation. Your browser may be caching an earlier version of the applet.

Clear the cache, exit the browser completely then try again. Under 'Check for newer versions of stored pages', check 'Every visit to the page. Click Empty Folder and click Yes after 'Delete temporarily files? Why does it sometimes take longer than others to connect to the chat rooms?

In most cases, slow digichat chat rooms and response times have to do with a slow computer on the Internet between your machine and ours. Other reasons include a firewall which prevents you to connect to the chat rooms. Usernames are shared by all digichat chat rooms rooms on a chat server. The person using that nickname is logged on to the same chat server, but is in a different room.

Please choose another name. Why am I asked for a password when I try to login with certain usernames? Some names including room administrators' are password protected.

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You are trying to use a name that belongs to someone else. Meebo was an instant messaging and chat service provider founded in Largely funded by its founders and investors Meebo grew in size and scope.

Woo Media was created inWooMe was digichat chat rooms Adobe Flash based dating site that integrated video technologies with machmaking software. WooMe went from 5 employees in to 60 in when it was sold to Zoosk. Userplane was founded ingrew in size and was bought by AOL in Userplane's software powered many of the webs top dating sites and this was of more value to AOL than maintaining a user base across the web for individual chat rooms. In Userplane ended user services.

There is very little information on why Stickam closed down. They wrote a very nice blog post saying goodbye but said nothing about why. A report had come out that it was related to the amount of porn and child porn being streamed on the site but the source of that article proved to be a disgruntled worker who was later charged with unrelated crimes like fraud and murder Sickam was founded in digichat chat rooms tuns of mainstream success and then closed on January 31st, and no one really knows why.

Sorry we got nothing for you. We searched and searched and can not find a single reason why this site shut down. It was up and working, things seemed to be going well and now its gone. The Palace opened in and was a graphical chat room where people would chat with avatars they could move around a user created virtual rooms called "palaces", digichat chat rooms.

These rooms were little more than a background images but it allowed each palace to have its own personality. The Palace stopped development when communities.

Digichat chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)