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I want to be able to create a room, and share that link with friends etc. Facebook Help Team. Your suggestions and ideas are important to us. Create chat room facebook [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Users can access Rooms from their desktops but can only add to a conversation from the create chat room facebook itself. Nor was it meant to be. But Rooms is also a straggler when it comes to anonymous sharing apps; a cabal of apps including Secret, Snapchat, Whisper and Yik Yak have attracted millions of users over the past year by providing a more private alternative to Facebook.

But why does Facebook want to go old school? Because Facebook — the site invented and popularized by college students — has lost its lustre on campus. So far, that strategy has been a resounding flop. Sometimes you want to be fully anonymous.

How to Group Chat With Facebook Messenger

Sometimes you want your screen name to reflect something about your personality or interests RollTide4ever. Sometimes you want to use the authority of your own full, true name.

Rooms lets you do all those things.


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How to Create Group Chat on Facebook Messenger

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Latest Facebook Posts. You can instead delete the chat without leaving the group, but you'll still get notifications when other members use the group chat.

Gather Your Friends for Private Chats in Facebook's New 'Rooms' App

Share Pin Email. This longtime web enthusiast and consultant has a broad knowledge of how personal web pages work. Create a New Group. Edit the Members of a Group. If you decide that you want to remove some members:. Open the group in the Messenger app.

Create chat room facebook [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)