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Chat room is always open. Conservative chat room moderated topics:. Trump wins Republican nomination, terrorism during Obama's leadership, Supreme court contol up for grabs, Obama IRS scandal, VA scandal, illegals, Presidential electionObamacare, tea party, Foxnews, polls, deficits, and other current news.

Help conservatives! The CBC ended up covering it in more depth. In some ridings, the candidates themselves popped in to defend their policies or chat virtually with potential constituents.

Dan Harris, a New Democratic Party candidate in the Scarborough Southwest riding, was tentative at first in joining the forum. For the rest I encourage you to visit my website and get in touch, because I do answer my own email. But after single chat rooms tenative start, Harris ended up posting numerous times to tout his ideas and defend himself from personal attacks.

While Riding Talk is a great example of giving people conservative chat room moderated moderated platform to voice their opinions on local issues, there are still challenges in this type of system.


One participant on the Tobique-Mactaquac riding forum, Andrew Scott, told me that Riding Talk was a nice break from all the analysts, journalists and TV ads that dominate political discourse in Canada. But Scott, a student at the University of Ottawa, also saw room for improvement.


The other problem I found with the forum was that few people actually knew about it.

Conservative chat room moderated [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)