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Please select 'ok' to extend your session and prevent losing any content you are working on from being lost. Uae Chat Room. Way in , I often tell people about how they are feeling because I know how it feels and it's such a relief to know someone else feels this way. Hello John Welcome to the forum. Blue chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Pakistani Chat Rooms. Pinterest Chat Rooms. Punjabi Chat Rooms. I'm here too, I care. I'm sitting here typing because I feel I can't ring blue chat room friends and family. No one seems to understand.


I can't turn my mind off, I cant stop the fear of everything so you're not alone. Is there anything you'd like to talk over? Don't suffer alone hey.


Hello Jacquiem, Welcome to Beyond Blue Forums, I am sorry you are struggling with fear and being afraid, I can understand how your feeling, I have also and still do struggle with fear, its not a good feeling to get. Talk here any time you want to. I'm not here always but I usually pop blue chat room a few times a day, Caring thoughts Grandy. It's good to meet you. So chat about whatever troubles you. We don't bite. Sometimes as soon as blue chat room start talking then we realise what's going to follow, never the less, it's always best to tell someone, and we are a group of people who have been down that track and maybe still are.

Hey John, How are you doing in South Australia? No you are not going to lose any battle John because I am going to be with you. By the way I am Bob from Townsville. Now you stay in touch with this group and me. Take care John. Much love. Often can feel like thathold strongit does get better. Like the roller coasterembrace the good days.

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Hi there jacquiems and everyone else i am new here to i understand what you are going through whilst our situations may differ it seems that we all end up in the same rut however in reading the posts i feel we are somewhat more normal as there are many of us here. On our own we feel emotionally drained and alone but by having people who are going through the same thing it makes iteasier for me blue chat room speak and not feel ashamed about its seems that together we can be strong and fight it together and not be alone as we all seem to want to prop up each other to get us out of "the rut".

But as you would know, you blue chat room not receive any immediate responses. And the responses are from people like yourself, as opposed to mental health professionals.


I'm sorry but I'm not sure how old you are? If you are under 25 there is a service called headspace. They have an online chat there as well called eHeadspace.

You can also talk to a counsellor online. I do agree with Taurus that going in person is better.

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I have tried the chats myself and they have been beneficial when I just need a to vent or to get some help right now, however it is not a long term solution. Talking in person they see your emotions and they can then know when to keep pushing a topic and when to stop and resume later.

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Blue chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)