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Oh god. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. I think the BB community would grow a lot faster that way, with easier access to things you want to communicate across the web. As you already entered chat dialog that means that you have at least one hand used for typing. All rights reserved. Ballbusting chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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I think ballbusting chat room BB community would grow a lot faster that way, with easier access to things you want to communicate across the web. I havent found a good size chat room yet though.


Private Message. I think that would be cool! There would be two problems though, and too much of either would make me stop using it. One would be the guys who absolutely flood us women for requests to fulfill their ballbusting chat room.

I'll accept a little bit of that, but I'm there for me, not to provide stroke material for some guy I don't know.


The other is the guys who will come on there and attack women for being into BB. Had it happen before.

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Because we like BB, we're suddenly man-haters who circumcise boys because of our contempt for all males. If such a chatroom was moderated to prevent abuse, I think it would be great!

However, and that's a difference with the real world, one always thinks he is more powerful and clever in front of his screen and over his keyboard than in real life. Find out about What Mistress will make you do in a cam show right here select a live cam.

She owns them and can do as she pleases with them. If she wants to either teach her slave a lesson for insubordination, to make him understand his place or even just for the hell of it because she ballbusting chat room like it and wants to make him suffer then that is her prerogative. The slave must suffer if his Mistress wants to abuse her cock. And that is the predicament I find myself in with MistressX.

She is a harsh and cruel Mistress with a wicked temper and a short tolerance span.

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I am under strict orders to visit her live femdom webcam room at least once a week and she always likes to abuse my cock and balls, she loves ballbusting and kicking my nuts hard or twisting her heels in.

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Dominant Submissive Master Slave. Except being painful, this method will make you fill free posting dating sites more stupid than you are. Just imagine yourself in that position while a female is watching you.

But you know where is your limit and when to stop. Now imagine the scenario where you ballbusting chat room stroke your dick much longer than you would ever do.

The line between and pleasure is clear and further you go, the pain will become more extensive. Meanwhile, a Ballbusting chat room will tease you, usually dressed in latex, stockings, pantyhose and high heels. You are about to discover a new use if MIstress wants that. The goal is to attach the pads to your balls and Domina will tell you exactly to what level to set the pulse at. This is one of those things that you simply must try to understand how does it feel. ROPE An ordinary rope can easily make your ballbusting chat session unbearable.

After putting a knot around your groins, Mistress will tell you to slowly increase pressure while you are chatting with her.

This is a milder form of live CBT webcam abusing, that will give you a feeling similar to above-mentioned chili powder but not as intensely. It will still be very uncomfortable and funny methods of amateur homemade femdom for your Goddess. It is the messiest of live femdom scenarios because it will end with blood.

How much, well that depends how brave you really are. Mistress will do everything to make you put as many needles you ballbusting chat room all over your balls sack.

Ballbusting chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)