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However, I am going to supply the reader with a few references that are directly related to some of the Quotations or are closely linked to one or two areas dealt with in this Article. All Media will be present so it is critical that all come so we can show by our numbers that the Assyrians cannot be abused! Ross, G. Assyrian chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Nor are they all as most scholars say 'dialects'. Some of them are dialects, and some of them are ' Versions ' in the true sense Forms of Aramaic.

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They all of course come under the 'umbrella' of Aramaic language. At the time of Jesus apart from this original Aramaic there were two perhaps three? The real diversification of Aramaic took place from around to AD. Only one or perhaps two of the variants of Aramaic available today are Western Aramaic, the rest are all Eastern.

The Holy Text, the official text, of the Assyrian Church of the East is the Peshitta Aramaic also sometimes referred to as Peshitta which is the assyrian chat room and authoritative Version of Aramaic language. And of course this does not mean that other variants of the language in question are not genuine. As regards to the holding of "The Key to the Scriptures", credit ought to be given to the Church of the East and the martyrs thereof who throughout gave their lives for the preservation of the original scriptures handed down by the Apostles, from one generation to another, kept in the security of the Church.

Indeed, Peshitta Aramaic, as the Version of the Holy Text of the Church, is both the earliest original and the most authoritative. And contrary to what many Western biblical scholars believe, the Four Gospels were written, completed, only some years after the Ascension of Lord Jesus to the Mystical Eternity of The Heavenly Father. Lamsa says: " They [the Gospels] were written a few years after the Resurrection, and some of the portions were written by Matthew while Jesus preaching.

They assyrian chat room not handed down orally and then written after Pauline Epistles as some Western scholars say; they were written years before those Epistles. After the Assyrians, in my view, it was the Chaldeans who followed Jesus. However, Victor Alexander slightly differs from this view. He Says: "the chosen Church that is in Babylon, elected together with you, saluteth you.

And so does my son Marcus. The rituals and the liturgy of the Church are carried out in the spiritually rich and beautiful version of Aramaic that Our Saviour spoke and also used for His Teaching and Preaching, The Master was the master of both the use and assyrian chat room usage of the assyrian chat room in Aramaic Language.

In fact there are hundreds of poetical verses in Aramaic.


Such rhyming, assyrian chat room, rhythmic beauty and poetical skill and word-play in Aramaic New Testament can not be translated into any assyrian chat room language.

Now we can see why this 'philological beauty' is absent in Greek bible, which is a 'messy translation' of the Aramaic Bible. There is no shred of evidence that the Bible was originally written in Greek; it has been taken for granted and that is all. Today the Aramaic Primacy is growing more and more -the view that the Bible was originally written in Aramaic Peshitta Aramaic. Yes indeed, New Testament was first penned in the language of Eshoo Msheekha.

That the Bible was first written in Greek is not just a misconception but also a complete delusion. The Greeks propagated this 'Myth' and the West gladly followed this 'mythical concept'. The West loves to believe that Civilization started in Greece, and if so, then, why not also believing that the Holy Bible was first written in Greek? After assyrian chat room Greece is in Europe! So, The Holy Bible was written in Europe! In fact there are already a few web-pages on the internet which say that Jesus also knew Greek, and that his disciples too were quite familiar with Greek language; thus Jesus and His disciples sometimes used to communicate in Greek!

Absolutely Nonsense! Jesus and his disciples not only could not speak Greek but they never heard it spoken. Particularly, Greeks owe a great deal of their civilization to the Assyrians from whom they learned almost everything. Every Assyriologist and every Scholar of the Ancient History will attest this. On this question most biblical scholars say that it was "Galilean". However, they each say it in their own way. These are the most stated sentences on this issue.

They are, " Jesus spoke Galilean dialect of Aramaic. Let us know more about this ' Special Region ' of Palestine. And who can describe it better than the man himself, Doctor G. In his book ' The Kingdom on Earth ', he says: "Indeed, Galilee is a beautiful and assyrian chat room land when compared with the arid hills of Judea and adjacent lands of Nature has graced this land with many scenic beauties and abundant water in a part of assyrian chat room world that water is scarce and precious.

There is some thing mysterious about nature around the lake of Galilee Galilee was far away from Jerusalem, the center of Jewish religion The Galilean were free-thinkers, free from the complex system of Therefore, they [ the Galilean] were eager for the fulfillment of the Messianic promises, and they prayed with vehement supplications for the deliverance of their lands from the pagan rulers.

Nazareth was a town in Galilee. Jesus was from this townhence, Jesus of Nazareth. Galileans, originally, were Ashurayeh Assyrians who centuries before had moved, immigrated, to that region of Palestine. This has been attested by all the single ladies symbols number of scholars including Victor Alexander and the late George Lamsa.

Victor Alexander, who has translated the New Testament from Aramaic into English and he is busy translating the Old Testament toosays that not only were the Galileans Ashurayeh, but also their language, Galilean Aramaic, is the key to the Scriptures, or as he puts it ' to the translation of the Bible'.

Let us see what he says. The Galileans were originally from Nineveh Nineveh was the Capital of Ashur[Assyria]. Ashurai [Assyrian] language in the Galilean dialect is the key to the translation of the Bible. From what has been said I draw my own conclusion which in part is implicit in what has been said.

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Put another way, Galilian was the 'Colloquilism' of Peshitta. We can see the close affinity between the Ashurayeh Assyrians and our Lord Jesus. He, Lord Jesus, grew up and lived among them and spoke their language. Some of the most faithful friends and closest followers of Msheekha Christ were Assyrians, or as He called them, ' The men of Nineveh'.

He loved them, that is why He gave them hope and encouragement when He said: "The men of Nineveh [The Assyrians ] shall rise in judgment with this generation and shall condemn it because assyrian chat room repented at the preaching of Jonah; and behold a greater than Jonah is here.

Assyrians usually refer to their language as Leeshana Ashuraya Assyrian Language. And why not? They have spoken this language for nearly years, therefore they have every right to think of it and to call assyrian chat room 'Assyrian language'. There have been, anyhow, people including some philological students who have used the the two terms ' Ashurai ' and ' Aramaic ' interchangeably.


Perhaps this has been more prevalent among the Jews particularly in relation to the Hebrew Scriptures. Victor Alexander says: "There is another name for ancient Aramaic. The Jewish scholars of scriptures today talk of the Ashuri language and they call the sacred language of the Torah "Ashurit" Ktave Ashuri or Ashuri writing.

This is the language in which the Ten Commandments were written, and the only sacred language of the Old Testament according to most Jewish scholars. Reverend Doctor R. Wigram, an eminent English Scholar of theology and ecclesiastical history who in the early part of the 20th century wrote several books on the Assyrians and on their Church, the Church of the East, and related areas in his book, ' The cradle of Mankind' says: "One thing is certain that the Assyrians boast with justice that they alone of all Christian Nations still keep as their language which is acknowledged to be the language of Palestine [referring to Galilee].

Languages, in the course of time, change as a ' linguistic evolutionary process'. However, considering the vicissitudes, over the centuries and centuries, that the Aramaic speaking people, particularly the Assyrians, have been through, we can boldly say that it is a ' Not-Much-Changed' languageStill Spiritually Rich Aramaic! Incidentally, the Chaldeans of today dating apps iraq if not all of them are the Assyrians who are the followers of the Roman Catholic Church.

Let me tell a long story in a few lines only. Sulaqa together with his 'entourage' went to Rome and visited the Pope. He was warmly welcomed and was gladly appointed the Patriarch of the new Uniate by the Pope, Julias the third, who also designated the new Church ' the Chaldean Church' in order to have it distinguished, separated, from the Assyrian Church of the East.

Thus, all the Assyrian followers of Sulaqa betrayed their ecclesiastical identity and denied their national entity; they followed the Church of Rome and called themselves ''Chaldeans'. And even to this day if or when an Assyrian assyrian chat room Roman Catholic Church he or she most probably will call himself or herself "a Chaldean", which is absolutely absurd, and also very sad Sad indeed! Today there are over three millions nearly 3. Nearly two-third of them are in Iraq, America and Syria, and the rest of them mostly but not all are in Europe.

These inherently cultured and instinctively courageous people despite going through the worst kinds of persecutions throughout the centuries, and being Stateless since BC, and in spite of having experienced the horror, grief and sorrow of the killings, massacres and the genocides of their brothers and sisters, most of which took place in the 20th centuryhave dearly preserved their language, and have faithfully kept their Christianity and also their Ancient Church, and have graciously upheld their cultural values and traditional principles.

And above all, these great people, assyrian chat room, Ashurayeh, have never stopped contributing to the well-being of their fellow human beings and to assyrian chat room civilization of the World.

References: The amount of literature on Aramaic Language on the Internet is huge. And also there is plenty of material on obtaining knowledge and information on this language in relation to the Assyrians assyrian chat room the Church of the East, and on the interesting topic of 'Aramaic Primacy'. However, I am going to supply the reader with a few references that are directly related to some of the Quotations or are closely linked to one or two areas dealt with in this Article.

He writes courageously. Alexander's translated Bible from Aramaic into English also is available assyrian chat room his Website.

Doctor George Lamsa. I highly recommend it: www. Wigram wrote several books on Assyrians and the Church of the East, and related areas.

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Portuguese, douche Feel free to message me. Find a language exchange partner who has:. Dating kit ideas Guest! Sign up. Log In. Add to Home screen. Many manuscripts have survived from the churches of Mar Giwargis and Mart Barbara between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Excavations by archaeologist V. Can use my friends on android at the surrounding hills of Tell Barbara uncovered the remains of an Assyrian temple while at Tell Ghanam the remains of an Assyrian palace was discovered. Place dug between and in Assyrian chat room at the hills of Barbara and Ghanam.

He writes that in Karamles there is a small hill assyrian chat room that high, however it occupies a large space. When digging there, we uncovered two layers of burned bricks that were equal in size and similar to those used in Dur-Sharrukin. The second layer contained cuneiform writings with the names of Shalmenessar and Sargon II. The information we gathered proves beyond any doubt that the remains under this small hill are ancient Assyrian remains.

After months of excavation, the Iraqi Antiquity Department ordered them to stop digging and took them to court. At the time, many Assyrian statues and artifacts had been already discovered in two large and deep rooms.

However, they were forced to return the earth back and cover their discoveries.


On October 28,another Assyrian statue was discovered at the hill. On November 18,excavations at Tell Ghanam in Karamles unearthed an Assyrian doorstep decorated with the Assyrian rosette and a cylinder seal, believed to have belonged to King Sargon II.

Man finds cure for aids, it is well known historical and archaeological fact that Nineveh had 15 gates.

The fourth gate was designated for the city of Karamles Kar-Mullissi. Karamles converted almost completely to Christianity by the second century of the Christian era. The process was long and not easy with the continued strong presence of Assyrian, Greek, and Zoroastrian religions.

Most of the Assyrian temples were converted to Christian worship places. Early Christians faced great persecution and many became martyrs, including Barbara, the daughter of the pagan governor of Karamles. For that reason, one of the hills around the city is named after her. Karamles served as the see of the Church of the East for crucial period of persecution against the Assyrian Christians.

The see remained in Karamles for knee replacement chat room years. We know that the Christians of Karamles remained members of the Church of the East until Catholicism began to find its place in the Nineveh Mosul Plain in the latter parts of the eighteenth century.

By the mid nineteenth century, many Church of the East Nestorians members converted to Catholicism. They became ever since known as Chaldeans. History narrators kept the memories of many churches and monasteries of the Church of the East Nestorian in Karamles alive. These ancient churches include the monasteries of Mar Giwargis St. GeorgeMar Yonan St. JonahMar Youkhanna St. Mary's Daughters.

The last two have long been forgotten; meanwhile, Mar Yonan became the grounds of a school in the early twentieth century.

Here is a list of the monasteries and churches in Karamles that we are aware of:. Mar Giwargis Monastery. This Monastery was built in the northern parts of town by a monk named Giwargis in late sixth century. It continues to stand to this very day; however, it is believed that it was turned to a cemetery after the Mongols invasion.

Mar Yonan Monastery. A monk named Yonan built this monastery in the seventh century. The monastery is mentioned in an unidentified Nestorian writer in his manuscript in assyrian chat room fourteenth century. It is believed that it was abandoned after the invasion of Nadir Shah in Mar Youkhanna Assyrian chat room.

There is nothing left of this monastery but a small hill known as the hill of monk Youkhanna tell rabban Youkhanna situated in the southern parts of town. It was mentioned in A.

It was destroyed completely during the invasion of Persian Nadir Shah in August 15, Dair Banat Maryam. It was attached to Mar Giwargis Monastery and served as a monastery for the nuns. The monastery suffered tremendously at the hands of Mongol in the thirteenth century and in the eighteenth century at the hands of Kurdish Ismail Pasha of Rawandos.

The Church of the Forty Martyrs. The remains of this church are situated on a hill known as Beth Sahde the Martyrs Home southeast of the town. We know that it was standing inassyrian chat room Karamles was attacked by the Mongols. It was destroyed by Nadir Shah in Barbara Church. The church is situated on the assyrian chat room of a hill by the same name east of town. It was built on the ruins of an ancient Assyrian temple for the god Banu. Excavations at the hill in uncovered two halls used by ancient Assyrians in their religious ceremonies in addition to the findings of specific tools that were used during worship.

The earth soil covers a Ziggurat that was built by ancient Assyrians to serve as a temple. Barbara was the daughter of the pagan governor of the region. She converted to Christianity, with her servant Yulina, against the will of her father who imprisoned her. When they refused to change their mind and denounce Christianity, the pagan governor ordered their death.

They were killed in a room attached to the temple, where the church stand today. The church was attached by Nadir Shah, assyrian chat room, however, the town folks renovated and rebuilt it in The Church of the Virgin. The church is situated in the center of town. It is a small church but beautiful. It used to be the home of a lady who donated it to the public.

It was established as a church in and enlarged in Mar Addai Church. The church is situated on the northern parts of town. It is the biggest and most modern churches in Karamles at this moment.

Construction began in and after some delays it was consecrated in Arbil was attacked and destroyed by the Mongols in and later the assyrian chat room fate followed Karamles. Bar Hebraeus, the Maphrian of the Syrian Syriac Orthodox Church, historian, philosopher, and theologian among other things, reported the attack of the Mongols on Karamles.

Karamles is also commemorated in a poem of the Assyrian poet Giwargis Warda of Arbil, who described how the Mongols forced the Assyrian Christians of Karamles to leave the village. However, many returned and there are evidence of the presence of Mar Abdisho Odishowho was an active scribe inin Karamles.

The continuous wars between the Persian and Ottoman Empires, prompted Persian Nadir Shah in to attack and occupy central and northern Mesopotamia, which was under the Ottoman rule. After occupying Baghdad inhe deployed 8, of his troops to occupy Nineveh assyrian chat room its surroundings. However, his smaller army was defeated. Inhe headed an army ofsoldiers and canons and marched toward Mosul. He caused destruction in Kirkuk, Arbil and then in Mosul and the villages around it. Assyrian chat room entered Karamles on August 15, and remained there for four days causing much killing and assyrian chat room.

It is estimated that he killed over 4, people during those four days alone. Its Assyrian people adopted Christianity in the first and second centuries of the Christian era. The Diaspora community must work closely with the central and local officials and with the locals to protect this ancient Assyrian town and all the artifacts that are still buried under its mounds. It is the moral obligation of the Diaspora Assyrian also known as Chaldean and Suryan groups to initiate Karamles' economic revival.

In a free, democratic, and pluralistic Iraq, we must take all measures and provide the locals with every incentive possible, including economical prosperity, to help them remain on their ancestral lands. Bar Hebraeus. Tareekh al-Zaman. Translated to Arabic by Fr. Ishaq Armalah. Brazil or gorgeous asian bride right now. Speak meet french men for single are you down?

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