Anonymous self harm chat rooms

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We are not promoting suicide. The depression chat rooms are not to be linked to any external resource without prior consent from us. Jesus cares about you — he wants you to know his peace and his acceptance and forgiveness. Anonymous self harm chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Please note the Op team are volunteering their time and are to be treated with respect.

Anonymous self harm chat rooms

As a member of these depression chat rooms it is expected that you use a single nickname. This helps others to recognise you, which in turn helps to create trust.


Furthermore, if you wish to remain logged into the chat rooms whilst away from your computer, please ensure you do so by altering your nickname in an appropriate manner. This helps others to know who is, and isn't available at a specific time. In, Americans visited the emergency department due to self-inflicted injuries Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Overcoming the urge to self-harm can be difficult without understanding what drives people to self-harm and learning healthier alternative coping strategies.

We are here to help you. Feel free to talk about your problems, especially if you feel lonely. This is a safe haven, so we will listen anonymous self harm chat rooms you.

Self Harm Chat & Help Online

If you are in crisis, contact the International Association for Suicide Prevention. When people believe that Jesus loves them and is interested in them it gives them a bigger picture of the world around them and of what life is all about.


It can give you a new hope and a new focus outside of yourself. We often feel vulnerable when things happen around us that we feel are out of our control, but when we realise that even at these times Jesus can help us — it enables us to feel less like everything is all going wrong and out of control.

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Jesus cares about you — he wants you to know his peace and his acceptance and forgiveness. He wants you to know Him and how much he loves you — Find out about Jesus. Sometimes we just need to get away from it all and its not possible in real life. In your virtual life however you can go anywhere you want, do anything you want and be anyone you want. Note: Use this as a mild distraction only.

This is not a substitute for suicide hotlinessuicide chats or professional therapy.


Online suicide prevention chats are usually open to anyone who is depressed, overwhelmed, going through a difficult situation, having trouble coping, taking safety precautions, or just need someone to talk to. Some chats are open to anyone of any age and any sex, while others are targeted to specific demographics eg: a Teenchat might be targeted strictly toward teens, a Veteranchat might be targeted strictly toward veterans.

Anonymous self harm chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)