What would you look like as a woman quiz

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Christian Are you very short, short, average height or tall? All data collected through our Website is stored on servers located in the United States. What would you look like as a woman quiz [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Kind of. Umm yeah duh. Yes, but it would involve serious thinking beforehand. Without hesitation. Sure, but oral only. I'm saving my virginity until marriage.


School uniform. No clothes. Short skirt and tied shirt top. Barely passing. If I don't get at least a 97, I'm not allowed home. Who cares about school? Average - about Comments Change color. Vivian Trey Appearance on the other hand is visible at first glance. Being attractive can open up many doors in your life. Plus, it virtually guarantees many romantic partners — or more options at the very least.

People are attracted to beautiful individuals and the hotter you are the more attention you are likely to get. It is generally assumed that it is women who are preoccupied with beauty and being "hot".

However, that is not the case at all. Men, or at least most men, are just as obsessed with their appearance as women are.

Some people are tall and some people are short. However, it does seem like girls prefer taller guys. So, how tall are you?


Are you very short, short, average height or tall? Just like guys, all girls have a preference when it comes to hair — some of us like blonde haired guys and some of us prefer guys with black hair.

What would you look like if you where a girl

What color is your hair? Is your hair black, blond, brown or a completely different color? Some of us are more confident than others. Indeed, it takes time to build confidence and realize that everyone is a human being with the same emotions and feelings, no matter their appearance.

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Are you confident? And more importantly, are you confident around attractive girls? Every guy has a different method when approaching a girl he likes. Some like to start with general conversation and see where that takes them. Others like to compliment the girl they like so that she immediately knows that he likes her. Those less courageous like to text the girl while still others get their friends to talk to the girl they like on their behalf.

The most distinctive thing about our eyes is probably their color. What color are your eyes? Some guys find it difficult to talk to girls whereas others find it very easy. But almost all guys find it quite challenging to ask a girl out on a date due to fear of being rejected. What about you, do you find it difficult or easy to ask a girl out on a date?

Speaking of asking girls out on a date, how many dates have you been on overall?


Have you been to no dates? Or have you been on one or two dates, three to five dates or more than 5 dates? When we are attracted to someone we almost immediately want to kiss them.

However, while some guys are great at kissing others are absolutely awful. A kiss should be firm, gentle and passionate not overly wet, forceful or even painful.

What would you look like a a girl? ( boys only)

Being in a relationship is wonderful — not only does it make you feel like you have found your soul mate but it also teaches you how to behave, how to relate to another person and how to solve issues that may arise. Our hobbies can also make us more attractive to other people.

For example, if a guy and a girl share the same hobbies there is immediately what would you look like as a woman quiz commonality that you can talk about and one that may bring you closer together. If on the other hand you have completely different hobbies it may make you seem more interesting and intriguing. The way we dress can alter our appearance greatly. If we dress sloppily it may make us look less attractive than we truly are. If we dress in clothes that suit us and our body shape on the other hand then our appearance may be enhanced.

Our hair is another feature that can greatly enhance our appearance. Indeed, if we take care of our hair and wear a hairstyle that suits us we can look more attractive to the opposite sex.

We all like listening to music. Of course, our taste in music varies — some of us like to listen to jazz whereas others prefer classical music. What about you, what is your favorite genre of music from the options below? What do you do in such a situation? And if such a situation has never happened to you, then just imagine what your reaction in a situation like that would be. Facial hair can look great on some guys and awful on other guys. And indeed, while some girls prefer men with facial hair others prefer guys with chat room facial hair whatsoever.

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you where a girl? Or, if in your second life you where reborn as a girl: what would you look like?

Well look no further. Now you can sees what you would look like if you where a different girl, or A girl.

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What would you look like as a woman quiz [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)