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Coming to Netflix in The ease with which Richard Gere and Julia Roberts portray love on screen, makes people want to fall in love. Often these unions are unconventional or hidden in the guise of something more high-concept — straightforward romances are so 20th century — but at the end of the day, we all want to see a happy ending for our smitten lovers. Watch the movie to find out. In theaters February Dating love hollywood movies [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Often these unions are unconventional or hidden in the guise of something more high-concept — straightforward romances are so 20th century — but at the end of the day, we all want to see a happy ending for our smitten lovers.

Our list goes all over the map, from the mainstream dating love hollywood movies Nancy Meyers to international masters like Wong Kar-Wai. However, all of them illustrate some essential element of love, from falling to longing and all the sticky bits in between.

But they compete for screen time in this overstuffed, would-be blockbuster with villains, CG action choreography and a complex, politically correct Europe vs. Africa plot featuring Samuel L. If movies were sizes, this one would be a perfect size two, if you know what I mean! Andy Saches Anne Hathaway wants to be a journalist but ends up working at a fashion magazine instead.

She is in for a shock as her dating love hollywood movies Miranda Priestly Meryl Streep is nothing less than a fashionable monster. However, things change with time and Andy ends up where she always wanted to. That's all! A treat to the eyes, Days Of Summer is an honest take on modern love, dating and heartbreak.

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Watch it for the relatable storyline, a great plot, the background music, and ofcourse Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt! How would you feel if you dating love hollywood movies to go to 50 first dates, with the same person? Henry falls in love with Lucy, who has a short-term memory loss.

So he can either forget about her or get up every morning and woo her all over again. Not your usual romantic comedy, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is the journey of a young introvert fresher who befriends two seniors who show him the other side of the world.

A moving tale, this one is totally heartfelt. If yes, this one is totally for you.


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Austin Collins. Instead of one marriage, there are a whole slew of them. A fairly central character is killed off precipitating the funeral of the title.

The ensemble cast is charmingly quirky particularly the late Charlotte Colemanbut Four Weddings is best known for launching Hugh Grant on dating love hollywood movies long career as an awkward, floppy-haired, stuttering romantic hero who somehow overcomes his deeply British reserve to confess his true feelings.

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The movie is an unabashed confection: candy-coated to the point of causing cavities, dating love hollywood movies, and excessively rich with wink-winking nods to the Doris Day movies that inspired it. But its characters do: do women date older men are people who know the strategic ins and outs of romance, and spend an entire movie one-upping each other.

At the center of all this silliness is a character who truly deserves a happy ending—but not at the expense of the newfound freedom she inspired in everyone else.

Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell teamed up for this fast-talking newspaper screwball comedy from director Howard Hawks. The film is older than most of the other rom-coms on our list, but in many ways, it was before its time—a media-world romance fueled by talky, mile-a-minute romance banter that posited the chemistry between Grant and Russell as a meeting of equally sharp minds with the same nose for news. Julia Roberts rebounded from a little career slump if you love trouble and want something to talk about, watch Mary Reilly with this utterly effervescent anti-romance, a prickly and witty comedy of dating love hollywood movies that finally let Roberts show the hard edge lurking behind her thousand-watt smile.

Eventually, he finds a second chance at love via a radio show, an homage to An Affair to Remember, and a manipulative 8-year-old, played with aplomb by Ross Malinger. Sleepless in Seattle even in a pre-Google, pre-LexisNexis environment. James L. Brooks wrote, produced, and directed this seven-time Oscar nominee, which put a slight little Southerner named Holly Hunter on the map and predicted the slow decline of American journalism.

But above all, Broadcast News is a love story—between three career-minded journalists and the industry they adore, which tangles them into an achingly empathetic love triangle that puts each dating love hollywood movies on a path to heartbreak.


Every performance in this film is a gem, and James L. Brooks guides the viewer so expertly that its paces feel inevitable, even as they jerk tears. In other dating love hollywood movies, these were two beloved actors stretching some already toned muscles, and it showed.

Notting Hill unfolds like a modern-day fairy tale, as a wildly famous actress falls in love with a humble shopkeeper.

Climax is a dizzying affair that spins around a group of French dancers drugged off spiked sangria at a party. In theaters March 1. Gloria Bellthe story about a woman seeking love later in life, stars Julianne Moore, and just like Haneke's Funny Gamesit's receiving the acclaim the original also drew. In theaters March 8. Keira Knightley stars in yet another—wait for it—period drama.

This time, she's playing Rachael Morgan, the epicenter where grief, lust, and betrayal all collide. In theaters March He's charming.

Dating love hollywood movies [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)