Are leonardo and kate dating

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Why is this story different from Kate and Leo had shot down any talk of a relationship more times than they could count but the vacation pictures sent the rumor mill into overdrive once again. No, Thanks. At the premiere of the film, Kate weighed in on the debate and was asked to chose one of them. Oprah Winfrey is never one to shy away from the awkward question and went right into it with Leo. Are leonardo and kate dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Did Leonardo DiCaprio And Kate Winslet Ever Date?

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Kate Winslet Finally Opens Up About Relationship With Leonardo DiCaprio

No, gracias. Very few things in this life beat Titanic Leo. Don't trust anyone who tells you with a straight face that they didn't feel something when he walked past that grandfather clock on that magnificent staircase, because they're a damn liar. Still, are leonardo and kate dating Kate Winslet an Leonardo Dicaprio ever date? I mean Because if it's acting in a sex scene in a steamy single chat rooms car then yes, they definitely dated.

But if you're listening to what Kate Winslet has to say, prepare to be heartbroken. Kate was of course going to mention her co-star for all that he had done for her but many were in awe of her comments about her longtime friend.

I love you with all my heart, I really do. As Kate stood on stage and gushed about Leo in her acceptance speech, the cameras quickly panned over to DiCaprio, who appeared to blow kisses in the direction of his winning co-star. The adorable correspondence between them made sense, given their background and the nature of their close bond.

Proof that Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet 's friendship is true love - Oscars

Winslet dealt with the break up privately and never commented on the Leo rumors. It seemed that everyone hoped and dreamt that Leo and Kate would finally get together, as Leo was living the bachelor life, and Kate was newly single. However, these hopes were dashed when Kate got into a new and serious relationship with Ned Rocknroll.

Leo was given the task of walking Kate down the aisle and giving her away. So adorable. As the speculation got out of control, sources began claiming that Leo ended his relationships with models because he could never connect to them on an intellectual level. The only person he supposedly had this desired connection with was Kate.

Not only did Kate consider Leo one of her best friends, she also explained how she had learned so much from his attitude in the industry. At the premiere of the film, Kate are leonardo and kate dating in on the debate and was asked to chose one of them.


No matter what award show or red carpet either Kate or Leo attended, the other person always seemed to crop up in interviews. The Golden Globes was incredibly successful for both Kate and Leo. While inside the venue, the cameras picked up on a heartwarming embrace and catch up are leonardo and kate dating the two winners.

The mother of three of currently married to Richard Branson's nephew, Ned Rocknroll; a name he legally decided on when he was 30, not Still, this source claims that Kate and Leo have finally given into the chemistry they've shared since the day they met.

And that wouldn't surprise anyone who's seen that super steamy car scene in "Titanic.


Though they've only ever said they were friends in real life, they have always been super affectionate, supportive and sweet with each other. InKate gushed about Leo in front of the whole world while on stage at the Golden Globe Awards. We laugh at the same things.

Are leonardo and kate dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)